inboxcheck03Sometimes there are just too many great songs popping up in our Good because Danish inbox. We simply can’t cover it all! Therefore, we came up with a new blog post series earlier this year which makes it easier for us to share even more great Danish music gems!

Every now and then, we will be posting a small selection of these gems – including a short, crisp description and some info to the selected artists and songs. It’s been a little while since we did the last INBOX CHECK, but believe us – not only our mailbox, also our timelines and news feeds are currently overflowing with exciting music and new releases. So, it’s really time to finally share some more with you now:

Soho Rezanejad – “Catch The Girl”

Her music is like raw meat. Either you’re strong enough to handle it and really like to eat it, or you’ll throw it up after the first bite. Soho Rezanejad recently self-released her debut EP “Idolatry”, including the aggressive, disturbing single “Catch The Girl”. The musical nostalgia for the electro and techno music from the beginning of the 90’s, combined with characteristic, kind of male vocals of the beautiful and very feminine Soho create a mix like no other. A mix that either make you go crazy for her or sick of her. There is no place for compromises in “Catch The Girl” and we like it like that.

“Pulsating drums lead you into the track, winding through the euphoric trance-pop anthem where Rezanejad’s signature sinister baritone vocals surrender at the forefront of her sound.” (press info)

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Lovespeed – “The Way We Move”

Some of the Danish artists truly take care that we don’t get into autumn depression. Like Lovespeed with their new single “The Way We Move”!

“Musically they still move in the intersection between pop on one hand, with catchy hooks and sing-a-long friendly choruses, and rock music on the other hand with their whisky tasting guitar riffs and Jeffrey’s raw voice. If you are a fan of their debut album “Comet Colored City” from 2014, then you will love this new single.” (Sound Of Aarhus)

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Keep Camping – “Streets”

Keep Camping recently released their new EP “Be There”. The second single from it is the great, playful “Streets” that shows Keep Camping’s style and exposes the lead singer’s charismatic voice in a way we like! Sometimes a simple, catchy melody, lyrics you can sing along to and a powerful production are the best choices to make a good song. “Streets” is an example of that!

“Just check out this new track from the Danish group Keep Camping. You could slip this between tracks by Icehouse and Kim Wilde in an ’80s DJ set and no one would suspect a thing.” (Nordic Spotlight)

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Tea Trees – “Tea Trees”

Guitar is the core of many great albums. One of them is definitely Tea Trees’ self-titled mini-album. Even though the guys are from Denmark, their music has a Southern touch, mixed with the Crash Kings‘ style. The bright music, energetic, but not too much – is a perfect option for autumn afternoons and evenings. When you add the gentle, perfectly balanced dose of piano sound to it all, you have a gem ready to listen to. Tea Trees created such a little gem with their mini-album.

“We are Tea Trees – Denmark’s next suggestion for how alternative rock, folk and indie could be combined.” (press info)

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Select Captain – “Reflections”

The Copenhagen-based country-folk project Select Captain is no unknown name on Good because Danish, so we are looking forward to the upcoming second album which is set for release in 2016. The first single “Reflections” turns a little away from the mellow acoustic character of former songs and points in a new, more lively and brisk musical direction.

“‘Reflections’ is a song about just ‘going with the flow’ without thinking about where we are heading. About the value of our decisions and the people around us. About appreciating what we have, but at the same time about taking responsibility, for our world.” (press info)

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