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The great trio WhoMadeWho is without a doubt one of Denmark’s best live bands. So, we guess we don’t have to convince you too much that you simply MUST SEE them live at least once in your lifetime! You’ll have some chances to do that this summer, since the band is already on tour around Europe.

WhoMadeWho recently released a new EP called “Ember”, containing some truly intoxicating electronic tunes. While their music seems to be quite melancholic and sometimes calm on the records, the powerful trio turns the compositions into real volcanos of energy during their live shows. The amazing energizing atmosphere of the concerts is addictive. We guarantee that once you’ll see WhoMadeWho live, you will look for new opportunities to go back to their concert.

Check it out yourself during WhoMadeWho’s remaining international shows in 2015:

18.07.2015 – Madrid (ES): Holi Party Festival
24.07.2015 – Grenoble (FR): Cabaret Frappé
25.07.2015 – Dortmund (DE): Juicy Beats
26.07.2015 – Amsterdam (NL): Damaris Festival
31.07.2015 – Wernigerode (DE): Rocken am Brocken
05.08.2015 – Anaklia Boulvard (GE): Gem Fest
07.08.2015 – Saalburg-Ebersdorf (DE): Sonnemondsterne
15.08.2015 – Moosburg (DE): Utopia Island
21.08.2015 – Chiemsee (DE): Chiemsee Summer
03.09.2015 – Miami, FL (US): Grand Central
04.09.2015 – Santo Domingo (DO): private event
05.09.2015 – New York City, NY (US): Baby’s All Right
06.09.2015 – Utopia, TX (US): Utopiafest
07.09.2015 – Austin, TX (US): Parish
08.09.2015 – Los Angeles, CA (US): Roxy
01.10.2015 – Budapest (HU): Durer Kert
02.10.2015 – Timisoara (RO): Sabotage Festival

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