The Aarhus-based quintet Good Evening People released their debut single „Hope Machine with a tambourine” on 27. June 2014 and today, exactly two months later, you can watch the wonderful, specially made video clip to it in an exclusive sneak-premiere here on Good because Danish!

Good Evening People themselves describe their music as „groovy feel-good pop with a twist of calypso”. The soft first single creates – true to its name – a hopeful atmosphere with somewhat tropical sounds here and there, all together giving this composition a very warm and uplifting feeling.

The band’s good friend Simon Gorm Eskildsen, graphic designer and a musician himself, agreed on creating a music video for the song „Hope Machine with a tambourine” and after a very intense process of hand-drawing hundreds of original images, he had made up a fantastic visual universe for the video concept – originally thought up by lead singer Daniel Sand, who explains: “The idea came out of the lyrics. I guess you could say, that the song kick-started some visual ideas, which again kick-started some musical ideas.”

Once you let yourself „get into” the world created by Simon Gorm Eskildsen, you are in troubles! Why? Because it’s so lovely that you wouldn’t want to get out. The authentic, somewhat old-fashioned look of the pictures brings back memories of your favorite childhood cartoons. Along with the blissful sounds, the video clip to „Hope Machine with a tambourine” is like a sweet little postcard from another universe.

Until hearing more from Good Evening People later this Autumn, let yourself take into the reviving story the band created around their „Hope Machine with a tambourine”:

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