Tomas Barfod - Love Me

Tomas Barfod’s second solo album “Love Me” has been released today, on 9. June – and I think I don’t exaggerate when I say it is truly a masterpiece. “Love Me” is the follow-up on Barfod’s debut album from 2012 called “Salton Sea”.

Main collaborator on the album is the Swedish vocalist Nina K, who you can hear in 4 songs – among them “Busy Baby” and “Pulsing”. It is not the first time they work together, you could hear Nina on Tomas Barfod’s previous album as well. Her powerful, but still sweet voice helps the songs to come to life and easily makes them an earworm.

We can also find fine Danish musicians collaborating with Barfod on the new album: like his bandmate from WhoMadeWho – Jeppe Kjellberg or Sleep Party People’s Brian Batz.

There are some instrumental songs on the album as well (like “Destiny’s Child” or “Mandalay”), but the real highlights are among the collaborations.

One of my personal favorites is “Bell House”, the first song of the LP. The track features American pop-folk singer-songwriter and Barfod’s label mate – Luke Temple. When I started to stream the album over at Pitchfork a couple of days ago, I had to listen to “Bell House” several times in a row before I could move to the next song. And it was only the first (!) on the album….

Tomas Barfod is someone who really likes to experiment a lot and describes his music as his own playground. “Love Me” is a perfect example for that. The multi-layered electronic album with talented vocalists from different genres serves a lot of things from dynamic electro-pop songs to heartbreaker.

He asks us “Love Me” – and I think after listening to the album you all will love him :)

You can stream the new Tomas Barfod album on Spotify, Pitchfork and buy it on iTunes.

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