Before Roskilde Festival - AyOwA

This year’s Roskilde Festival is getting closer! We’re counting down days to it at Good because Danish and looking forward to seeing the Danish bands playing during warm-up days as well as the main festival event.

To get prepared properly to the most famous Danish summer festival, we decided to question some of the Danish acts from this year’s line-up about their Roskilde experience and recommendations.

On the finish line before the event, we spoke with AyOwA about their Roskilde experiences.

The beautiful Danish language in use, accompanied by relaxing and fresh electronic pop sounds – that’s AyOwA’s music to us at Good because Danish. The duo consisting of Hannah Schneider and Nicolai Kornerup delivers a chilled-out, wonderful combination of sounds and vocals that are both thoughtful and joyful – Danish music at its best!

What are you looking forward to the most about this years Roskilde Festival (your own performance, other bands/artists, the feeling, the food, party)?

Can’t wait to play our music in front of a big audience- we get to play on the very first day on the Countdown stage, and the feeling of the beginning of the whole festival is gonna be special we think. Roskilde is something unique – the way you get to talk to strangers, and feel united with the whole audience is something we are looking forward to.

Name the artists you wouldn’t want to miss at this year’s festival – Danish and International.

Since we are two, we decided to mention 6 (hard to choose between all the bands we want to see!) Arcade Fire, Solange, Jenny Hval, The XX, Cashmere Cat, Den Sorte Skole..

What is your best Roskilde experience?

Damon Albarn in 2014!! Beautiful concert that ended in one big party at the encores when he brought in guests and performed his Gorillaz hits.. Incredible diversity and sense of suspense and arrangement..

Do you have any pro-festival attendee tips – for camping, food, music/stages and so on?

Not many other than- be sure to attend the concerts during the warm up days- that’s where you’ll find your new favorite band!

25.06.2017 (Sunday):
Countdown Stage – 16:30