ASBJØRN – Scandinavian Love

Asbjorn 2015

Boys and girls, Asbjørn has a new song that rocks (or should we say: pops) in our speakers for quite a few days now and we think it’s our duty to share it with you!

“Scandinavian Love” is like a trip through Scandinavian heaven. Light, bright, delicate, soft… I could write down all the fragile, lovely adjectives there are here. Asbjørn‘s new single has everything that a good, old-school’ish pop semi-ballad should have. The right tempo, not too slow, not too fast – checked. The catchy melody, balancing on the line of being cheesy, yet not crossing it – checked. A subtle vocal line, perfectly matching the music – checked. And the heavenly peaceful atmosphere, that some of you will hate and some others – will fall in love with.

We have chosen the second option. And as big Scandinavian (with Danish on top) music lovers we recommend you the wonderful pop masterpiece “Scandinavian Love” from Asbjørn.

Listen to it on SoundCloud or Spotify and buy the song via iTunes.