Music as honest and vulnerable as Asbjørn‘s is as rare as two identical snowflakes. His third album “Boyology” is an ode to teenage-like openness bordering on perfection.

Asbjørn has gone a long way since his debut album “Sunken Ships” in 2012/2015. “Boyology” is the most mature, but at the same time the goofiest in his discography. He found his expression, his unique sound while letting himself be as free as imaginable. In the opening track, “(Love Like A) Teenager”, Asbjørn sings “…My heart, the one thing I’ll never lose,” a perfect summary of the message “Boyology” conveys. He is as true and honest in simply being the queer, pop kid with a relentless urge to dance, as one can be. Throughout the eleven songs on the album, Asbjørn explores love, rejection, lust, doubts, loneliness, as well as happiness and self-confidence. He does so in an extremely personal way but still makes us feel included. It’s been a while since I heard an album so relatable: “Boyology” made me feel seen and understood.

Musically, Asbjørn is as energetic as ever. Clever and unorthodox arrangements make this record a class of its own. Asbjørn’s pop channels the best practices of the genre: powerful choruses, upbeat melodies, as well as the unique approach to ballads. “Remember My Name” and “L to the Head” are absolute bangers, while “Be Human” has a full-fledged anthem potential. There are ballads like no other, with “Young Dumb Crazy” and “PG-13” on the top of the list. Asbjørn doesn’t hold back, and that makes “Boyology” such a colourful, yet incredibly well-fitting whole. I am a big fan of how Asbjørn has always excelled at making music that invites one to be melancholic on the dancefloor. Light, dynamic melodies layered over lyrics that touch on serious issues remain Asbjørn’s signature element. On “Boyology” he perfected it. One song deserves an honourable mention. “Be Human” is not only a vibrant dancefloor-filler, but its powerful message shines through. “Can I just be human? Can I just be me?” he pleads, resonating with every listener. The unfiltered vulnerability of this song is so heart-warming.

Without shame and self-censorship, Asbjørn talks about intimate but important topics and feelings on “Boyology”. He stands in the centre of each song, as though to say “I am open and I am here, in front of you, with everything I’ve got. With all my fears, emotions, insecurities, dreams. Holding nothing back. I know you’ll understand me. You feel the same”. If you are looking for a safe space, “Boyology” is your shelter. I feel at home each time I listen to it. I hope you will too.

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