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Out-of-the-box thinking, vulunreability, honesty, courage to tackle difficult topics, authenticity… GRO presents all these qualities on her debut album “Columna”, released on 29. October 2021.

GRO’s art-pop songs, couriously experimenting with synths and electronic sounds, create an atmosphere of a fairyland. But not a Disney candyland. GRO’s universe is a rough place, even violent at times, and it is definitely not all shiny, happy and pink.

GRO is the solo project of Danish singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Julie Møller Christensen. Her delicate compositions, which lyrically often speak of difficult issues, like suicide, have the power to pin you to the ground and get all your attention. It is remarkable how gently GRO creates such a powerful effect.

There is something fresh in GRO’s music. Even though she uses a familiar sound of synthesizers, her multilayered songs bring to mind Frou Frou, James Blake, or Jamie Woon. Her LP “Columna” is something completely new. GRO approaches music arrangement in an unorthodox way, often using silence and space between the sounds to achieve an effect of a cathedral, like on her single “In The Woods”.

“Fade In Time” or “Atlas Axis” take you somewhere in the middle of a huge space, under the roof of an enormous bulding, where echoes and sounds from a great distance mix in the centre and build a complex outcome. Other songs, like “The Fields” or “Coccyx”, have a certain mechanical vibe, resembling a busy factory with all the cogs of machines working together. “High as a Kite”, on the other hand, is a more mysterious, non-homogeneous song, sounding like something from a darker side of Charli XCX’s back catalogue.

The most captivating thing about “Columna” is the way GRO creates space to process loss, trauma, sadness, anger and self-doubt. This album is a musical eqivalent of a therapist’s quiet office, a place where you can put down your shields and find shelter. GRO is there to lead the way as she opens up about her experiences, shares her pain while offering a shoulder to lean on. Her stories touch the core of your soul and feel familiar, while remaining her own. Like a magical fairy-therapist, GRO sprinkles the fairy dust of relief and self-forgiveness on you with her music.

Dive into “Columna” with an open heart and let GRO guide you through this musical therapy session with kindness and power.

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