Ida Lilja IDA EP cover

photo by Molly Grønberg

In February, Ida Lilja dropped her EP “IDA”. I’ve been hooked ever since, which made it hard to put my thoughts into words. Her music has become a daily staple, resonating deeply with its serene charm.

The essence of  “IDA” EP

Picture that serene moment between awakening and fully opening your eyes – that’s the essence of Ida Lilja’s music. Across four compositions on “IDA,” the artist transports listeners into a realm of dreams, mystery and acceptance.

Think of a meeting between AURORA and Oh Land in a fairytale. Lilja’s vocals, reminiscent of the latter, carry a unique charm. While “Everything I Love About You” may remind you of Oh Land, Lilja adds her own touch, drawing you in with a delicate longing.

Ida Lilja’s story is her own

“The EP contains personal but relatable stories, set in an electronic sound universe that exudes minimalism, but at the same time is grand and at times tends towards the theatrical. This time it is Ida Lilja herself who has sat in the producer’s chair and it can be heard to that extent. The music cuts straight to the point with a constant core of ear-hanger pop, embellished by punk anger, string arrangements and a wide range of synthesizers.

If you only have 3 minutes, you should without a doubt spend them on the main song “Born into his Arms”, which gives a vulnerable, but also angry insight into what it is like to grow up in abuse. However, the track “Everything I Love About You” emphasizes that such a relationship is nuanced and far from simple. So even though it is not the only subject that Ida Lilja has on her mind, “IDA” focuses on and talks about growing up with an addict, in a society where the main focus is generally on the addicts themselves”, says the press release.

I usually love sharing my thoughts, but sometimes someone else says it best. This press release captures the “IDA” EP perfectly.

Embracing the depth of “IDA”

Lyrical depth permeates “IDA,” revealing Ida Lilja’s courage and vulnerability as she lays bare her experiences and emotions. Beyond the enchanting melodies lies a narrative of resilience and honesty. A testament to Ida Lilja’s unwavering grace. Through her lyrics, she invites listeners to delve into her world, where each word carries weight and meaning. She is painting a vivid portrait of her story with every syllable. It’s this honesty and vulnerability that make “IDA” a truly captivating and unforgettable musical experience.

Handle with care

The “IDA” EP blends ethereal melodies and raw emotion, inviting listeners on a journey through her personal experiences. With a touch of longing and resilience, Lilja’s vocals soar over the EP’s electronic soundscape, leaving a lasting impression. Overall, “IDA” is not just an EP. It’s a testament to Lilja’s artistry and courage, offering a glimpse into the depths of her soul.

Treat “IDA” EP gently.




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