Fallulah decided to make a bold move and not release her new album “Celeste” on streaming platforms. With that decision, she regained full rights to her music and opened the door to fresh layers of creativity. Her music has never been so unpretentiously adventurous and unapologetic.

“Celeste” is availabe on iTunes or BandCamp and as a vinyl or CD. This oldschool way of selling music empowers not only the artist, but also the listener. When purchasing the new Fallulah vinyl, I felt proud and finally truly entitled to enjoy the music. It was a 100% fair deal.

The value for money is fair, as “Celeste” is a piece of immensely good music. Fallulah gathered ten fiercely outspoken songs and mixed them into an empowering, joyful, but also thoughtful and melancholic blend.

By the album opening with the title number, we dive into the Fallulah universe of flowers, freedom and unapologetic honesty. The song “Celeste” recreates a 60’s vibe. It paints a picture of joyful, peaceful flower-children dancing and looking into the future with hope. From the first note, the song builds an invisible shelter, where you can hide and let go of all troubles.

“Celeste” speaks up for women everywhere

I will be using words like “empower”, “bold”, “unapologetic” and “strong” a lot in this review, as this is exactly what Fallulah presents on the “Celeste” LP. “Tits of Steel” is the quintessence of her attitude and philosophy of empowering women and speaking loud and clear about the issues they face in life and work. “Be confident, but not difficult”, “Experienced, but don’t get old” – Doesn’t that sound familiar to women everywhere? The unrealistic, contradictory expectations that we’re faced with every day? Fallulah is a fierce advocate of female power and exposing the stereotypes hurting women. “Tits of Steel” has a great potential to become an anthem for all women that are fighting sexism and inequality.

One of the songs that shine the most on “Celeste” is the single “My Love”. The composition is masterfully mixed and arranged. It makes you want to dance, but is way more than simply a good dancefloor song. The lyrics send a strong message for all of us who ever let love overshadow the reality of being with someone who is bad for us. Once that fog of love falls down, and we see things as they really are, we realize that “it wasn’t cupid, I was just stupid”…

“Celeste” contains a lot of upbeat melodies and powerful songs, however you can find soul-touching ballads on it as well. One of the most intimate and personal ones is “You Know What You Did”. A simple melody that perfectly underlines Fallulah’s one-of-a-kind vocals and touching lyrics, piercing through the piano sounds. Perhaps you’ve experienced a relationship where you’ve got hurt by someone, who thought that he/she was nothing but “a good guy”? When there is no closure or apologies, it can be hard to move on and heal. Fallulah’s song can help and serve as a patch to secure wounded heart.

Oldschool meets revinvention

There is a vibe of oldschool music references on “Celeste”, while at the same time Fallulah sounds as fresh as ever. She reinvented herself once again on this record and her new musical appearance is full of colour, life and light. You can hear how regaining full control over her music and career empowered her to be even more bold and adventurous in music-making. “Celeste” is worth spending time with and paying a fair share to listen to it.

Fallulah will be touring Denmark this Autumn. And after experiencing her show at this year’s SPOT Festival we can tell: The energy she shares with the audience is unmatched.

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