On 10. September, which was the International Suicide Prevention Day, GRO released “One Two Free Fall”. It is a beautiful song about just that: the pain caused by a loved one’s suicide. GRO wants to make people talk about the subject, with the intention to destigmatise it. Now we can watch an intimate live recording of the song, performed by GRO with the accompaniment of GRETA. 

“One Two Free Fall” is a song about dealing with suicide. To be precise, dealing with the suicide of a close person. GRO describes the feelings that come up when something like that happens, and she does this sensitively. As someone who has lost a loved one to suicide, I feel understood. GRO converts the guilt, the grief, the anger and, finally, the acceptance a bereaved can feel into music in just one song.

“One Two Free Fall” is delicate and silent, focusing on harp and voice for the most part, depicting all the difficult emotions with respect. In the bridge, GRO forms a louder and fuller climax, vocalising the words “If your eyes were still around, could you see me now? Would you tell me you were proud?” again and again. You can almost touch the longing that resonates throughout the song.

In the new live recording, GRO and GRETA are in an intimate, quiet setting of an apartment. Both artists gently perform the song and leave a lot of space for silence. Their expression is almost non-existent, as if they are afraid to move even slightly because this could disturb the atmosphere. The whole video is very still, focusing on the details of the instruments and setup. Rarely moving images look like frozen captures. In this case, you can see the camera moving, but it creates a feeling of stillness, underlining every single word of the lyrics. Each of them is piercing through your soul. As you watch these two women, you feel a tear running down your cheek. That’s when you understand how real and deep this song is in its simplicity and honesty. You recognise its significance, and the necessity to destigmatise suicide, find a way to talk about it. Most importantly, this version of the song leaves no one indifferent to what it speaks about. You simply can’t move past it without giving the topic of suicide at least a little thought. GRO proves that sometimes a calm, delicate and quiet performance works better than the loudest and most provocative one. If you have something important and valuable to say, you don’t have to shout it to be heard by the people that are open to listening.

Watch the live recording of “One Two Free Fall” by GRO and notice the topic it speaks of. Make every day an International Suicide Prevention Day. Because it is happening, all the time, and we won’t change it if we pretend it’s not there.




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