Asking questions that we don’t want to know the real answer to can be incredibly tough, but handling the harsh truth and looking at a toxic situation after leaving it behind gives power. Nille Nyc‘s new single “Someone Else”, premiered on Friday 26. March, speaks about these issues.

Pernille Nyc, also known as Nille Nyc, leaves a lot of space for her vocals on the new song. Gentle R&B beat, elegant guitar in the background and playful arrangement are used as a canvas to paint with her strong, sharp voice on. The laid-back mood of “Someone Else” makes you look back at your relationships and assess them from a new perspective.

“When you feel stronger and smarter than before, and you look back at that relationship, which was not good for you. That is the essence of “Someone Else”. The theme is swept in sassy R&B vibes drawing lines back to the ’90s and to power ladies like TLC,” says Nille Nyc about the song.

There is something soothing yet powerful in the way Nille Nyc combines the R&B sound in “Someone Else” with a darker message of the lyrics. The warmth of the arrangement contrasts her vocals in an interesting way. Nille Nyc created a convincing and moving persona with her project and continues to deliver songs that are both catchy and unpredictable. As a 100% DIY artist, she paves the path for other musicians that want to try it in the music business, but do it on their own terms. I have a feeling that in Pernille’s case, going solo on production and songwriting releases energy and creativity that are fearless, not limited by the outside world and the business so much. That is why with “Someone Else” she presents a completely different approach to songwriting and dives into a new musical universe with confidence and curiosity.

“Someone Else” is another single released after Nille Nyc’s debut 2020 EP “PowerPainPillsPercusion”. Her exciting journey with the project continues in style, and we wait for more.

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