Autumn is a perfect time to get cosy under a warm blanket and dive into music. The last couple of weeks we have been constantly coming back to some not the newest, but still very fresh releases from Denmark that we’d like to share with you.

If you like unobvious music and if you’re a fan of electronic sounds, we picked some real gems for you to check out!

These days we listen to…

GOSS – “Blood”

Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen’s latest musical persona GOSS is a revelation, but it doesn’t strike you right away with that fact. GOSS’ music gently, yet persistently makes room in your brain with vibrant melodies, characteristic, slightly husky vocals and lyrics that stick with you for a long time. The latest single – “Blood” – has something from an old black and white movie in it. GOSS‘s voice is guiding us through the plot in a firm, yet graceful way.

MATTIS – “Fade Into Myself”

His songs have been our earworms for months now. The previous single “To the Rhythm” and the new one “Fade Into Myself” distinguish themselves with a hypnotizing guitar line and vocals which you either love with all your heart or… well, hate very strongly. In our opinion, this characteristic quality of Mattis‘ voice is an advantage. He cannot go unnoticed, his songs make you immediately build opinion in your head. And we believe most of them are positive. Can’t wait for Mattis to release an EP or an album.

AV AV AV – “No Statues”

The wonderboys of Danish electronic music released a new album together as AV AV AV and yet again it is a piece of really great music for those of you who appreciate good beats and unobvious compositions. With exceptional guests on vocals: Troels Abrahamsen, Felix De Luca and Silas Bjerregaard, AV AV AV built a unique vibe on their record. It has a little bit of an experiment we watch from a distance and a little bit of a reality which we watch while being locked in the experiment itself. This remarkable ability to make music which is at the same time extremely welcoming and truly reserved is what makes “No Statues” album special.

Trentemøller – “Obverse”

Trentemøller is one of those electronic artists who turns everything he touches into gold. Or perhaps in his case, it’s better to say – into silver. His newest album “Obverse” is a collection of songs shining with cold, elegant beauty. They bring – as the title of the first song suggests –  a “Cold Comfort” to the listener. In the time of everything being done in the speed of light, “Obverse” requires the listener to slow down, find the time and commit it to really dive into the record. It creates a space to truly rest our thoughts.

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