SPOT Festival 2019 is behind us, and as it is top 1 event in Good because Danish calendar in order to get to know the upcoming Danish music we, of course, made sure that our delegation – Marie and Katharina – get to Aarhus and explore this year’s line-up live. Here are their impressions along with the gallery.


Unlike the sunny days at SPOT 2018, this year Aarhus welcomed us with rain, hail and snow. In desperate need of a warm-up, we wandered into Godsbanen, right in the midst of a FRAVÆR showcase.

The energy of two teenagers on stage was contagious, for everyone in the room was smiling from ear to ear, jumping. How come had I never heard of this band before?

Perhaps, that’s the best thing about the SPOT Festival and events alike. It is always great to see your favourite acts, but it is also important to be curious to discover something new. On the way back, I listened to “Putte” on repeat, the only song FRAVÆR have released so far, but it is a gem. Will surely go and see them live again at the next opportunity, and so should you!


I was looking forward to this particular showcase and it exceeded all the expectations! “PromilleRomantikken” and “Fantomfølelser” had the entire audience of the filled-up-over-capacity Store Sal on their feet, resembling a big party. During the slow ballad “Søerne”, the room became lit up by over a thousand smartphone flashlights – a truly beautiful sight. But the real treat came unexpectedly. ANYA herself joined in to sing “Det Værste Det Bedste”, an awesome new song they released together with Aksglæde just a couple weeks before the festival.

Say what you want about the state of the music industry, but Danish pop is doing just fantastic!

Marie’s impressions

SPOT 2019: Aftermovie by MEMOIR

We want to thank everyone who helped make SPOT 2019 a huge success – the musicians, the guests, the delegates, our partners and wonderful volunteers and everyone in between.

The talented people at MEMOIR ( have created this aftermovie which already has us longing for more SPOT.

We hope to see you all again next year for SPOT 2020 April 30th-May 2nd.

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I was just as lost as the weather at this year’s SPOT Festival. Don’t worry being lost was definitely a good thing, the cold and surprising snow is up for discussion. Let me explain: this year’s line-up offered an immense number of diverse artistic talents. The past year I was able to put together a clear schedule of my favorite bands to see. This year it was impossible for me, who to see? Where to go? The Spot App that should have given me some guidance was helpless (@Spot Festival: point of improvement). I was lost and there was an uncomfortable ache in my stomach. But that was not the end of the story. Not having a plan allowed me to truly experience SPOT Festival and to get to know all these talented newcomers and tastebreakers.

One wonderful surprise was the Copenhagen based trio Motorique and their dreamy alternative pop songs. I ran into their performance at Scandinavian Congress Center (home to one of the biggest stages of SPOT Festival but also the least charming hall). But Motorique did an awesome job in creating an exciting atmosphere, their stage visuals and decoration were on point- a space rocket concert. Space is cold you think?! Motorique’s music and energy grow on you like a warm summer day!


Despite the fact that I understand half of Søn‘s lyric- wow, an amazingly skilful & artistical performance. The big and dramatic movements were by far the most fascinating aspect of the performance; it’s not every day that bands can create a theatrical dramatic atmosphere on stage. But about what did Søn actually sing? I can only guess…feel free to send me the answer!

Katharina’s impressions

Our other highlights included Tim Schou and The Oceans (gallery). Now we are already looking forward to SPOT Festival 2020!

SPOT Festival 2020
30.04.-02.05.2020 – Aarhus, DK

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