It’s the same old realisation at the end of every year: time flies! Especially the days in-between the years confirm that feeling; after a rushing December and a way too quickly passing holiday feast, there are a few blurry hours before the countdown starts ticking, the clock hits midnight and we turn the pages to a new year. Excitement mixes with melancholia and no matter how we start into the next 365 days, it’s almost always a bittersweet undertaking.

In order to at least get the background music right, we found some Danish gems of recent years that capture our ambivalent New Year’s Eve emotions in the very best ways! So, why not celebrate like the Danes this year, put the following three songs on your NYE-playlist and jump down a chair at midnight?! Happy 2016!

Blaue Blume – “On New Year’s Eve”

What a year for Blaue Blume – once again! Looking back where their (public) journey started one could almost understand “On New Year’s Eve” as the band’s very own, multilayered, still subtly theatrical, and simply beautiful “awakening”. The song remembers all the moments of past times, bundles them and finally rises into new heights like a phoenix. And isn’t that a great metaphor and mindset to start the new year to?

Kissaway Trail – “New Year”

It got a little silent around Kissaway Trail in the last months, nevertheless we had to include their “New Year” here: the song is almost a hymn to the night where we more often than not face the cold fact that some things simply don’t work out the way we’d hoped they’d do, that we have to say goodbye to friends we never wanted to let go, that life happens while we’re busy making other plans. And all this spins in our heads “while drinking champagne from plastic glasses”. To a new year, new dreams – and new chances to make it all right!

MØ – “New Year’s Eve”

‘s career is almost like a New Year rocket: it started at the ground where it caught fire at some point, once the fuse was burned of, it blasted into the night sky, higher and higher, until it bursted on the dark surface, sparkling and inspiring in thousand and one ways – and we watch in awe and hope it never ends. It seems like the only direction is up, and it reminds us that we all should be more optimistic at times and that there’s no need to worry today – just like MØ sings in “New Year’s Eve”: “Promise me on New Year’s Eve / We forget about the problems / We’ve got time to share all of the things in the New Year…” Skål to that!

Check out the superfresh Vasco Loves Vera Remix of MØ’s “New Year’s Eve” HERE, too.

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