So… today is the day: 14.  February, Valentine’s Day. Some of you will celebrate with your significant other, some will celebrate with yourself, some will mock or boycott today. There will also be a group which might find our little playlist fitting.

To all of the heartbroken ones, those stuck in toxic relationships, experiencing rejection or platonically in love – we know you’re there. We think Valentine’s Day can be a day for you as well. How? Because love has many different stages and faces – not all of them pretty and happy. If you’re feeling blue or alone today (or any other day), listen to our selection of Danish songs for a broken heart. Sometimes a good cry can help!

From Ida Wenøe, through Go Go Berlin, Jacob Bellens, Kashmir, Oh Land, First Hate to Blaue Blume, Rosa Lux Trentemøller and many more – on our Valentine’s Day playlist for heartbroken ones you can listen to the sadness dressed in every genre. We hope you can find some comfort in the thought that you’re not alone with your feelings.

If you are happily in love – we applaud you! However, maybe today is a good time to listen to songs in which not everything is shiny happy. Because it never is in a relationship, even the best one you’ve been in. When we’re in love perhaps we also need to stop from time to time and remind ourselves to not take the other person for granted.

Whatever you do today, no matter if you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not – it’s always a good idea to listen to some amazing Danish artists!

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