“Should life with wood’s leaves be fading,
Its fair season’s had its fling –
High up, winter’s star’s parading
With midsummer’s flame within (…).”
– Autumn Mood, B.S. Ingemann

Autumn. The golden princess of all the seasons of the year. You can love it, you can hate it, but you can’t pass by it emotionless. The long evenings of autumn make us dream, wonder, think, become a bit melancholic and thoughtful…

What helps to survive or make the autumn evenings and days a little nicer? Good (because Danish ;) ) music of course! This is why our team prepared a little Acoustic Autumn Mixtape for you – with gentle, delicate songs by some of the finest Danish singer-songwriters, folk bands and acoustic groups.

Make yourself comfortable, get under a warm blanket with a cup of tea and enjoy the music… along with a good book, or while reading a good poem, or while contemplating a nice autumn painting… while spending your time with art, in general.

Our Acoustic Autumn Mixtape is not only a collection of songs to make your autumn a tiny bit more pleasant – it is also a little preview of the music that we will be giving away to you during the next autumn weeks!

This year Good because Danish decided to get to know your favorite works of art to enjoy during long, cold autumn evenings. In exchange for your answers, we will be giving away some great acoustic CD’s to you! The details of the contests will come soon, so keep your eyes on the blog and have a cozy autumn!

ACOUSTIC AUTUMN MIXTAPE 2014 by Good because Danish on Mixcloud

1. Where did Nora go – Shelter
2. NovemberDecember – Save Yourself
3. The Rumour Said Fire – The Balcony
4. Stefan Mørk – Why Angels Fly
5. Southern Gothic Tales – Beat
6. The White Album – Kings & Aces
7. Far Away From Fiji – Among The Pines
8. white ocean – Emotion
9. Select Captain – All Too Hard
10. Alcoholic Faith Mission – I’m Not Evil

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