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AGNES is our eyes and ears from Budapest, Hungary. She took part in one of the GbD’s contests and there was something in her e-mail, that we decided to contact her. She got on board immediately and even though she’s busy with tons of other stuff connected to music, she still finds time to send over texts about her favorite Danish artists.

You can feel that the music, if Agnes likes it, really touches her soul and the main goal then for her is to spread the word about it. We believe that thanks to her, one day there will be a huge base of Danish music fans in Hungary!

Her playlist delivers a mix of electronic and acoustic tunes that will charm you!

GbD author takeover: AGNES by Good Because Danish on Mixcloud

Gold Lip – Breakfast Song
Copenhagen’s Gold Lip was always one among my favorite Danish acts – no surprise if they got songs like this one, a real musical drug, which makes you to press replay all over again.

WhoMadeWho – Hiding In Darkness
Best concert for me in 2014 so far: WhoMadeWho’s Budapest gig, more over because I got to meet the guys before the show. The new album was different from what I expected to be, but became one of my favorites this year. My highlight of the album is “Hiding in Darkness”.

Ønskeøen – Bricks of Time
Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a big fan of everything Brian Batz does. So, it is not a surprise that I enjoy his latest project as well. “Bricks of Time” is a great tune, that you shouldn’t miss.

Rangleklods – Clouds
How Danish music and me became lovers? It all started with Rangleklods and this song more than 2 years ago. It is not only my long-term ringtone, but based on also the most played track of my music library. A song which is with me in good and bad times. “Your head’s in the clouds..” – aren’t we all dreamers from time to time?

MØ – Pilgrim
We are back in late 2012 when I first time hear “Pilgrim” and MØ. I knew somehow this girl could make it to something big and seems like I was right…

Bon Homme – Daybreaker feat. Lydmor (Kasper Bjørke Rework)
Kasper Bjørke’s rework of “Daybreaker” made the song even more fabulous – a dark, hypnotic disco hit.

Reptile Youth – JJ (Trentemøller Remix)
Trentemøller doesn’t do remixes that often lately, but when he does it is usually a big deal…..his remix of Reptile Youth’s song “JJ” is pure addiction.


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