(translation by Agnieszka Bolek)

The band, which sounds family-like.
The band, which sounds alone-like.
The band, which sounds familiar and newly at the same time.
The band, which connects many contradictions.

Let’s start from current affairs, namely: from “Under the Pillow, Under the Elms” EP, released this year. Four tracks. And the only thing I can say is – definitely not enough! EP is available only in Denmark so far, however upcoming LP will be also available abroad.

Two songs from the EP in live versions:
Cody – Under The Pillow – brings to mind some seclusion, some kind of emptiness, vastness and timelessness. “For now my head is under the pillow, my mind is on you” – it really touches. A violin and cello introduce indeterminate sort of melancholy …
Cody – Under The Elms – a delicate guitar, distinguished trumpets… And lyrics “I hold your hand when the world goes underground”, which would melt even the toughest ice.Cody’s music revives country, folk sounds, postrock inspirations and… Nordicness. Moreover these ingredients are mixed with stirring sounds of cello, classical violin and acoustic guitar. Each melody carries words of wisdom on its surface. And additionally a bit of “The National” melancholy.

Cody’s debut album, “Songs” (2009) – unlike the EP – is available to buy abroad. You can also listen to entire album on their bandcamp webiste.

Eleven captivating compositions take the listener for a trip in various places.

“Songs” will take you somewhere in the countryside, or to a small town. On the porch of  an old house near the woods (“Remember When”). Album “Songs” invites for a bonfire meeting with friends. It also leads you to desert beach for an intimate walk. “Songs” will take you for a ride along empty side roads (“Down In The Dark”, in which country sounds  are hearable. And another beautifully sang fragment “Will you come and save me, I’ll wait for you to come”).

Album “Songs” finds you on the crowded street, where you try to catch the flying time (“Ever Go” , in which guitar parts played on violin set the tempo).

“Songs” captivates with genuine wisdom (“What’s Behind”). “Songs” squeezes tears, but in a soothing manner (“I Want You”).

This album consits of 11 songs, which can take you anywhere and do anything if you let them. But it can also just play peacefully in background, without imposing itself on listener. You decide about following this album’s lead.

This is the specific of Cody‘s music, in my opinion. On one hand , it can be non-binding, not attention-absorbing, nicely playing in the background. But on the other hand, if you are in the mood for it, you can dive into this music and explore its infinity of sounds. However it should come out from your own natural will for that kind of exploration. And the violin, ohh …

“The band was started out by front man Kaspar Kaae in 2004 and several musicians has since then taken part in the band. In the last couple of years the band has had a more steady composition and has evolved into a band of extremely talented and hard working live musicians.”

Cody combines Westerness, Nordicness and Danishness.

The band has released two EPs: “Cody” and newest “Under The Elms, Under The Pillow”, also album entitled “Songs”.

Cody is part of very interesting Danish project initiated by musicians from the capital of Denmark, called Copenhagen Collaboration.

Official webside
– here you can listen to the streaming of “Songs”

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