CODY – Win Some

Cody were one of the bands we first wrote about when Good because Danish started, and we have been enjoying their music ever since. The band were quiet for a long while but, gladly, not forever. In the beginning of 2020 they came back from the hiatus with a new, gorgeous album “Win Some”. If you want to win some great time with beautiful music, you better give Cody’s new release a listen!

Casper Kaae’s dreamy, melancholic vocals always sound like a perfect balm to my soul. Combined with folk-inspired, gentle melodies and thoughtful lyrics – Cody’s songs were always a kind of a distant friend to me. We might not see or hear each other very often, but once we do – it’s like we never spent any time apart.

“Win Some” album brings 12 compositions with a very characteristic vibe. However, Cody manage to stay themselves while putting a fresh new twist into their songs. One of the things that I adore about Cody’s music is the use of classical instruments in between beats and pieces of dreamy, folkish melodies. The special touch that it gives to the songs is present on “Win Some”, enriched with some more electronic sounds. The latter aren’t dominant but it feels quite new to hear a tiny bit more “machine-made” sounds on the album.

Cody came back with new music which is like rays of sunshine heralding spring. “Win Some” is not entirely warm and sunny, you can get a sense of melancholy and thoughtfulness from it, but here and there it shows joy and hope. The album is a beautiful whole, which makes you sink into it immediately. It all happens because you can hear that this album is coming from a band that really enjoys making music together and does it very naturally.

Let yourself dive into “Win Some”. It really is worth to lose a couple of hours going through it over and over again.