Rebekka Søndergaard Mortensen, performing under a moniker We At Sea just released a new single along with a video clip, which will make the first May week even nicer for you. “Underneath The Pine” has so much lazy melancholy and unpretentious grace in itself, as you can only wish for to upgrade the sunny days and calm evenings of first truly spring days. 

The melody for “Underneath The Pine” came to Rebekka during one of her walks on Faroe Island, where she’s from. One day while she was walking around, the rain fell down, so she hid under a big old pine tree and out of a sudden started humming the melody which then became a fundament of the song. 

The simplicity of “Underneath The Pine” is its strength. Calm, soothing tune along with gentle vocals create almost an idyllic atmosphere. You can almost see the spring raindrops falling down from the sky, the big, majestic tree giving shelter and a place to stop and think. 

We At Sea is able to bring peace of mind with her music, something that each of us needs from time to time in this crazy, overwhelming world. “Underneath The Pine” is a musical equivalent of the touch of rain on the skin. It brings a sort of relief, along with cold shivers. The mixture of joy and melancholy, which makes We At Sea’s new single a great example of the Danishness in music. 

Produced by Kasper Kaae from Cody, “Underneath The Pine” definitely leaves us hungry for more from We At Sea. She is performing at this year’s SPOT Festival (Off Spot) and we are looking forward to hearing more lovely tunes being presented during this concert. 

In the meantime, enjoy the song and a creative, wonderful video clip to “Underneath The Pine”

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