Darkness Falls
(translation by Ania Kitowska)

Darkness Falls 1On one hand there is undescribable and undefinable energy. On the other hand, there is something melancholic and awakward to it. Female delicacy and strength at the same time. All of it and even more you may hear at the newest EP of Darkness Falls. Warning! Danger of falling in love and getting addicted!Darkness Falls is a duet established in 2009, which consists of Josephine Philip (vocals and keyboard) and Ina Lindgreen (bass and guitar). Two talented Danish women have released an EP titled “Darkness Falls” in March.

It was produced by Anders Trentemøller himself. Four tracks (plus a remix – done by Kasper Bjørk) are a forecast to a new musical surprise from Denmark.

The mix of classic guitar riffs, the sound of bass and drums (which reminds me of The Raveonettes) with strong, striking vocal makes a huge impression. The special atmosphere is created by the synthesizers but these are used, in a way, economically. The atmosphere changes from a dramatic and shiver-like to the more toned down and delicate and it changes in such a dramatic manner not only between tracks (compare “Hey!”, the track that is promoting the album, and “Strangers Coming”) but also within the songs themselves. It is not annoying, on the contrary, it makes one track sound like a whole show.

There is also a track that is „practically” instrumentall. Instead of vocals there are only backvocals which emphasize the beauty of this song – “Paradise Trilogy II”.

“Hey!” is my absolute favorite. These sounds make me think of horror movies, the vocal – of mafia movies (I can’t really tell why), the vibrating bass is a true pearl.

Darkness Falls – “Hey!” (official video)

„Darkness Falls” EP is available, among others, via iTunes. However, this link will guide you to a legal and free possibility of downloading the track “Hey!”, which is promoting the album.

My afterthought (and a slight hope) after (multi)listening to Darkness Falls is – hopefully Denmark will never stop to surprise me so positively in terms of music!!! And, of course, I hope that Darkness Falls’s LP will be released sonn and will be as good as the EP.

Free download of the song “Hey!”

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