Darkenss Falls 2015

The beginning of February brought a lot of great music news from Denmark. One of them is the following: the female duo Darkness Falls released the new single “Dance and Cry”, announcing their upcoming new album with the same title (premiere: 30. March 2015 at hfn music).

The two beautiful ladies from Darkness Falls – Josephine Philip and Ina Lindgreen – never fail at combining seducing female vocals, disturbing guitar sounds and the touch of mysterical electronic echoes. This time is no different, and yet – the new song is different from the duo’s other compositions.

“Dance and Cry” has this piece of anxiety, this almost imperceptible quiver, that makes your heart tremble and your body shiver. The online music magazine NBHAP, that presented the song’s premiere, wrote: “A 2015 update on the good-old ‘Dancing with tears in my eyes’ subject”. There’s something to it, but “Dance and Cry” hides something more than just classic Danish melancholy in itself. There is a very gentle, yet very clear challenge that Darkness Falls give to the listener. They seem to ask you and me “Are you ready to face the dancefloor’s craziness with the sadness in your heart and conquer it just like we do it with this song?”. 

I think I’m ready. What about you? Figure it out while listening to “Dance and Cry” on Spotify or SoundCloud and give Darkness Falls your Like on Facebook – more great news from the duo will come soon!

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