The Raveonettes 

(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

Time to go back to the warming sounds. After The Floor Is Made Of Lava, now we’re going to experience summer sounds from the duo The Raveonettes. They will help us transform to the 60’, somewhere to the California beach, somewhere where’s warm, but not necessarily idyllically.

Let’s start from the end. Or from what happened last year. The Raveonettes came to Poland in 2010. The played at mBank Stage at OFF Festival, on the 8th of August 2010.

The band released five albums. The last one has a premiere on 4th of April 2011. I was waiting for it impatiently!

The Raveonettes create music not entairly light, nice and easy. It can be called (and it is called) disobliging, but the lyrics often show brutality of the world. Bluntly. This special thing about The Raveonettes music is an advantage.

Now it’s time for a little bit of subjectivism. Let’s look through only two albums – first and one before last.

Chain Gang Of Love”(2003)

Do you remember a scene from „Dirty Dancing” movie where main female character goes for the first time to a party of employees of the hotel where she’s staying? Do you remember the moment when she’s watching Patric Swayze’s sensual dance?

Songs (such as “That Great Love Sound”, “Noisy Summer” or “Heartbreak Stroll”) from The Raveonettes first album help to clap your hands and take you to the party like the one from „Dirty Dancing” scene I mentioned. All you need to do is take your partner to the dancefloor and go wild!

Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit. But “Chain Gang Of Love” is more or less that kind of music. Althugh on the album there are compositions more… sober. My favorite is lazy, beautifly suppurate “Love Can Destroy”.

“In And Out Of Control” (2009)

The album from 2009 confirms the renown of The Raveonettes and the fact that musicians stick to their own music line. However, they’re not affraid of adapting it and tune it on a various ways.

First song on the album – “Bang!” announce another „bright” record. But next compositions aren’t so lovely and cheerful. Especially because of very bold lyrics that says about brutal stuff. “Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed)”, “Suicide”, “D.R.U.G.S.– serious subjects mixed with aerial, sunny sounds – interesting combination.

My favorite two from the album are very short (1:21) “Oh, I Buried You Today and brilliant “Breaking Into Cars”. Recommended!

“Raven In The Grave” (2011)

New The Raveonettes album was released on 4th of April 2011. On the official webside you can listen to „War In Haeven” – this song was announcing the album. It’s a composition more… dark and more misterious than earlier stuff from The Raveonettes. There’s a brand new quality in it, as in the whole album. Check it out!

Official webside


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