Record labels are an important part of the music industry. Without them, we would never find out about some artists or hear their songs. On par with the three international giants, numerous indie labels are on the hunt for Danish talents. We decided to have a closer look at their work and philosophy. Having selected a few most exciting Danish indie labels, we sent them a questionnaire and asked for a playlist of the music they listen to in the office.

The Record Labels’ autumn on Good because Danish continues! Meet HUN SOLO Records and its three CEOs: Anya Mathilde Poulsen, Nana Jacobi and Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg…

Name: HUN SOLO Records
Year of launching: 2018
Danish artists on the roster: Katrine Stochholm, Sara Lew, Nana Jacobi, Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg. Over 80 artists have been a part of HUN SOLO concerts.

The question hated by most artists and bands: what’s the story behind your label NAME?

HUN SOLO is inspired partly by Han Solo from Star Wars. He is a unique loner who realises the importance of being a part of a group and helping for the common good. We started as a concert format in 2016 with the purpose of celebrating and elevating the female representation in Danish music and adding diversity and quality to the music industry. At a HUN SOLO concert, the artists must go alone on stage. In Danish, “han” means “he” and “hun” means “she”. So our name “HUN SOLO” can be translated into “she solo”. A woman performing her music solo on stage. At the HUN SOLO concerts, each artist contributes with her own uniqueness and power, while being a part of a strong, supportive community. In 2018, we expanded our concept and created HUN SOLO Records. It is another facet of the diamond, which is our logo.

What is your philosophy and process of choosing artists to work with?

HUN SOLO records prioritises projects run by female and non-binary artists. Artists are welcome to choose who to collaborate with. HUN SOLO Records has the same sisterhood feeling and the same sharing of experience and knowledge that takes place backstage at our concerts or on the road.

We curate the artists we wish to work with by listening to a lot of music. We go to concerts and keep up with what’s going on at the different levels of the industry. We also get a lot of inquiries from artists who are interested in collaborating with us.

Why did you decide to open a record label?

We longed for a label that focused on the empathetic and creative support of the artist, so we decided to create it ourselves. HUN SOLO Records aims to nourish, inspire and amplify the essence and uniqueness of each artist. It is our ambition to be the home of both upcoming and established names who see themselves in HUN SOLO’s values and want to be part of a special community. We also wanted to show how much high quality music created by women that is out there.

What is you favourite spot at your office?

Until now, we actually did not have a physical office! We have held meetings at cafés, in our homes, and our rehearsal rooms. But finally, by 1 November 2020, we were so lucky to find the perfect place for a HUN SOLO crib. Downtown Copenhagen! We are super excited!

HUN SOLO’s team meeting in a garden from a few years back.

Which new releases are you excited about these days?

We are thrilled that Katrine Stochholm from the legendary band Under Byen has joined us. We released her innovative and catchy singles “Uvejr” and “I Høsten” this fall, and we can’t wait to release her album in April 2021! We are also excited about Nana Jacobi’s beautiful new single “Sorgfugl” that will be out on 20 November, and her forthcoming album to be released in February 2021.

Any extra comments?

One of the most important things we have learnt during these past 4-5 years of developing HUN SOLO is that if you have a good idea, go and make it happen. Even if you don’t know exactly where to start. Find some good people to collaborate and share your passion with. It can be an advantage if you have different strengths and weaknesses, because if you use your diversity well, it can carry your idea very far. Start somewhere in a corner and grow from there. Let yourself learn while you create; it doesn’t have to be perfect from the start. A good idea, no matter how small it may seem, can grow into awesome dimensions if you nourish it well.

When we started in 2016, many people did not think there was a problem with diversity in Danish music. A great lot has changed since then, especially this past couple of months. The gender equality and anti-sexism debate is now swiping through almost every corner of the society in Denmark!

HUN SOLO Records: what we listen to in the (home) office

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