Record labels are an important part of the music industry. Without them, we would never find out about some artists or hear their songs. On par with the three international giants, numerous indie labels are on the hunt for Danish talents. We decided to have a closer look at their work and philosophy. Having selected a few most exciting Danish indie labels, we sent them a questionnaire and asked for a playlist of the music they listen to in the office.

Record Labels’ autumn continues on Good because Danish! Meet Crunchy Frog Recordings…

Label name: Crunchy Frog
Year of launching: 1994. Founded by the band THAU.
Danish acts on the roster: PowerSolo, Junior Senior, D/troit, superheroes, The Tremolo Beer Gut, Lars and The Hands of Light, Thee Attacks, The Raveonettes, Yune, ONBC, Beta Satan, The Malpractice, Shiny Darkly, Felines, epo-555, The Entrepreneurs…

The question hated by most artists and bands to start with: what’s the story behind your label’s name?

We lifted the name from a Monty Python sketch. We are all huge Python fans. We also got our motto “If we took the bones out, it wouldn’t be Crunchy” from the same source.

What is your philosophy and process of choosing artists to work with?

As there is so much great Danish music these days, we really have to love it to get involved. Great ain’t good enough. In a way, the benchmark is that we’d be bummed out if someone else signed the band.

Why did you decide to open a record label?

In 1994 there was only one great indie label in Denmark, in our opinion. They offered us a distribution deal if we made our own label, so we did, with a lot of help from these fine people.

What is your favourite spot at the office?

This is an actual image of our office speakers — a prop from the music video for Tue Track vz PowerSolo – Zalty Lick.

Which new releases are you excited about these days?

The next one. Usually that’s the one we are listening to all the time. In this case, it’s The New Madness’ LP “After Hours” which will be out on 27. November 2020.

Any additional comments?

It’s safe to say that we are blessed to have worked with so many great artists, and still do. Whatever a label means to music fans across the universe, all praise is due to the musicians, songwriters and producers at the label. They are our friends, partners and allies, and it really feels like a huge family. The Addams Family, but still…

Crunchy Frog: what we listen to in the (home) office

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