Summertime can be a good moment to look back on the first half of the year and remember all the lovely things that happened so far in 2018. For as at Good because Danish one of the highlights of the year was SPOT Festival. We didn’t make it to all the events we wanted to see, so we are really happy to see recordings from Tapetown in Aarhus online. Today we share the one with ONBC‘s performance of “Copenhagen” with you.

Tapetown is a “Scandinavian Recording Studio & Community dedicated to alternative music” and a very special place on the music map of Denmark. ONBC’s music performance fits the space perfectly, which you can see on the recording of “Copenhagen”.

ONBC is a collective of musicians creating songs which are not obvious. Every composition invites the listener to a completely different Universe of sound. “Copenhagen” is a kind of a song, which at times seems to be hiding behind a mist. There is something fragile and vulnerable in it. You can see on the video how even though the space during the performance was small and the musicians really close to the audience, the melody closed ONBC in a sort of a bubble. I have the feeling I am watching them as if they were closed in a snow ball music box. They create a mixture of intimacy and distance in their performance.

It’s also great to see how the space changes the audience behaviour. Nowadays people often don’t focus as much on the music at concerts (that sounds like a critique of an old grumpy lady, but you know what I mean, right?). Here you can see that being surrounded by music in a way, being very close to the artists on a small space, people really let the music speak. In return they get the experience of seeing a glimpse of  a recording process.

“Copenhagen” by ONBC at Tapetown is an intriquing performance. If you want to see more recordings from Tapetown, you can find them on their YouTube channel.


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