Roskilde Festival 2019 is behind us, yet we are not fully recovered from it. It’s no surprise that another edition of this unique, prestigious event was  special and made us already counting down to the next year (mark your calendars: 27.06.-04.07.2020).

Our authors Marie and Katharina went to represent Good because Danish on the event ground this year and each of them had a special experience of her own.


Marie’s impressions

“You have never been to Roskilde Festival?!” had become something I heard regularly from my Danish friends and music fans alike. Somehow, despite living and breathing live music, I had managed to completely avoid Denmark’s most important festival.

So, this year I was determined to finally find out what makes Roskilde so great. The truth is, I was never a big fan of the lineup. Though whenever I brought up this argument, I was told that “Roskilde Festival is really not about the lineup, but the experience.”

As the rain was showering the cosy press tent, I felt sorry for all the journalists desperately trying to come up with original metaphors to describe hot music in the cold Danish weather. But I guess we just had to power through it with an unlimited supply of hot tea and coffee. Thanks, Roskilde organisers!

When it came to the concerts, of course they were fantastic. I was eager to finally see Lydmor and Scarlet Pleasure for the first time – two names frequently featured on Good because Danish.

Lydmor is an extremely unique artist who should be on everyone’s to-see list. For the duration of the concert, she keeps you on your toes and makes you wonder, “what is going to happen next?”.

Scarlet Pleasure, on the other hand, invite you to forget about the world outside the Arena and give in to the dancing and good vibes. That is if you don’t listen to the lyrics too closely and accidentally get an existential crisis in the middle of a party.

Now, looking back at my first Roskilde Festival, I surely enjoyed seeing all the Danish and international artists. But it would not have been so special without meeting old and new friends, sharing the photo pit with incredibly talented photographers and learning from them, and simply understanding how much this festival means to the community.

Now I get what Ulige Numre were singing about in their song “Helt Almindeligt”.

photos by Marie Oleinik


Katharina’s impressions

Rainjackets, Sunglasses, Crossbody bags, and dust powdered shoes with a spark of glitter- that is how you can imagine Roskilde 2019. The crowd was young and old, diverse, and international. This year’s weather was indescribably moody. The music days on Wednesday started rainily and gloomy- crunched together in front of stages, dancing in the rain, and hiding at the bar. I was surprised that queue for toilets, beers, and food where short, and the way in front of the stage was free. The rainy start was soon forgotten on sunny and warm Friday. Stages were crowded, people were smiling and dancing in the sun. Did people hide from the cold rain?!

It was my second Roskilde Festival, and again, I regret not attending the unofficial festival days where all the talented Danish newcomers are shining in the spotlight. Especially, for me, this year’s line-up lacked details, and the feeling of excitement burned on a small flame. Great opportunity to just get dragged along to new acts and taste breakers, not on my radar, and to get to know the crowd.

What makes Roskilde Festival rolling and special every year is the big community whose dedication and loyalty create a fun-filled and emotion-packed experience. I met volunteers from Smile Warsaw that come every year, fans that waited 10 years to see their favourite artists live, and hardcore every year Roskilde goers that tell you stories from the past. A peaceful coexistence! But let’s get into my Danish Music Roskilde Moments!

Farveblind, translated to colourblind, is an extraordinary live act you should check out. The atmosphere is energetic and it feels like you are at a big house party in your neighbourhood.

who had her first big concert six years ago made everyone at Orange Stage dance and sing along in the front until the last row. This energetic concert provides a good example of MØ’s awesome development.

Roskilde Festival 2010
27.06.-04.07.2020 – Roskilde (DK): festival site – Event on Facebook

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