Waves Vienna 2014 - Lydmor 6 NICK'S PHOTO

Since 2011, every year at the beginning of October, he city of waltz – Vienna also turns into the city of upcoming music. All thanks to the showcase festival Waves Vienna. This year will be no different! Waves Vienna 2014 will take place between 2. and 5. October 2014 and will deliver a dose of great new music for the ears of its audience. Danish music will be of course present and well represented by Alcoholic Faith Mission, Get Your Gun, Go Go Berlin, Jet Flower and an artist, who will be Good because Danish’s eyes and ears during the event: the magical LYDMOR!

We had a short chat with her about how it is to be a girl on the road :) Read the interview below!

Good because Danish: Do you have a specific album or a song that you always listen to on the road to a show? What is it?

Lydmor: Recently I’ve had 2 albums on my airplane playlist. Hundred Waters – “The Moon rang like a bell” and Mark Barrott – “Scedges from an Island”.

What is the best and the worst thing about rehearsals before playing an important gig?

I usually don’t rehearse that much in the classical way since I am alone on stage. But before an important gig I’ll be spending a lot of time behind my laptop screen, making changes to the set up until the last minutes before going on stage. I can be quite impulsive, with what I want to play.

You tour a lot and guest appear on stage with different projects – that means a lot of travelling and waiting on the airports. What’s your best way to use that time?

I spend a lot of time just walking around looking at people. Airports are the best for that. People are all in a special state of mind because they’re travelling.

Is there any kind of a mascot or a talisman you have with you on stage? Or perhaps any kind of a band’s “ritual” before the show?

I always enter a state of extremely focused and emotional SHARPNESS right before I go on stage. There’s no ritual and I can’t control it. Five to ten minutes before showtime everything just zooms inward in me, and I can’t talk or think about anything else than the emotions I’m about to convey to the audience.

First thing to check when you come to a venue you’re going to play at is…?

If there’s a stage piano. It’s an essential part of my live show that I play some songs accousticly. I need it in there. Sometimes the venues forget that it has to be there and then we always have to improvise.

Have you ever been to Waves Vienna before? What’s your impression of the event? What are you the most excited of about playing there?

I haven’t been to Waves, but I was in Vienna earlier this year playing SpotonDenmark, and I was very impressed with the architecture. Other than that I just know it’s a music business festival and I love those. There’s always a sense of electricity in the air.

What makes Lydmor worth seeing on a showcase festival like Waves Vienna? If you had to recommend your gig in one sentence, what would you say?

I’m actually really shit at selling myself. But a promoter in Kuala Lumpur just called me “The Scandinavian Queen of Quirk” … that’s pretty cool…

Do you have one show or showcase gig or any other kind of a performance that was the most special one for you so far? Which one and why?

Before this year I hadn’t played that many really special shows, so I could propably have figured out the best ones, but this year has been so insane and full of overwhelming experiences that it’s very hard to single one out. Let’s just go with my gig in the Faroe Islands because that’s a beautifully fucked up place and I had a great time up there. But oh there are soooooo many others.

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