The Foreign Resort
(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

They created the band in 2006, released debut album “Offshore” in 2009. And now they recorded an EP like a dream. THE FOREIGN RESORT. There’s only one question: how much the British is in those Danes? I think that enough to embarrass the British citizens. And enough to make them (any any other people) fell in love with The Foreign Resort’s music.

“The Cure embedded in noise with Tears For Fears-ish melodies and the energy burst of Joy Division. And that is as close as it gets because The Foreign Resort sounded like themselves.” (source: Gaffa’s report from The Foreign Resort concert at SPOT Festival)

Nothing more, nothing less. Denmark which sounds like Great Britain, but… still more like Denmark. “Danishness” so cleverly integrated into the sound, that we can fell in only subconsciously… however we FELL it.

The Foreign Resort debut album “Offshore” (2009) has a sound which can make White Lies shy (“Into The Sunshine”).

However, comparing to the newest release by the Danish band, it’s nothing. “The Foreign Resort” EP (2011) is 5 songs that take the group to the higher level.

From the first guitar riffs of “Colleen”, to the last tunes of “Torch It” (which is the perfect ending, a collage of music associations with a touch of innovation) – this EP attracts attention.

“It never heals quite like it used to, it never feels quite like before”
The Foreign Resort - The Foreign Resort EP

Deep, pure vocals, guitars reminding the best times of The Cure. And the tempo. Tempo, tepmo, tempo! Nothing here is borig, nothing’s too long. There’s no way to talk about any break and taking a breath. We constanly feel like The Foreign Resort sounds forced us to run. Faster – focus – listen – feel the music!

“Oragne Glow” brings the atmosphere of a huge explotion of feelings hidden for a long time. Trembling guitars let the sorrows go away.

 “We never looked as pretty as we did tonight”

Delicate part,
“Heart Braks Down”, is a bit like a bandage to the musical corns on our feet which may show up after running with The Foreign Resort songs (this song remind me a littleThe Raveonettes – especially the guitar sounds). But it’s only an apparent slowing down. There’s still this unique tempo, this will to move faster and faster, anything but standing still.

Take A Walk” – it’s a danish britishness in 100%. And through the whole time in the back of the listener’s head the name White Lies is coming back. But (in my opinion) it’s waaaay better!

British references are inevitable during listening to The Foreign Resort. The Cure, Franz Ferdinand, mentioned earlier White Lies… yes, yes and yes. BUT! There’s one big but! The Foreign Resort is not a copy of English bands! The Foreign Resort take what’s best from good sources but add an innovation. They are another example of the music force of “danishness”. It’s there, it can be felt, although cannot be seen. But you can hear it – and that’s the most important in music.

The energy which comes from The Foreigh Resort music is not delicate in 100%, it’s not comfortable. It gives you the kick! It tells you – move on, because the world won’t wait for you. Run!

Official webside
SoundCloud – the streaming of the EP “The Foreign Resort”


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