The Foreign Resort - New Frontiers

The Foreign Resort new album “New Frontiers” is a great record to remind yourself that a rock/shoegeze music will never get boring!

The band, which is kind of “an English band in the Danish skin” to us, recorded an album which we highly recommend you to listen to! Because if this isn’t a brilliant record, then I don’t know what is!

“New Frontiers” opens up with a single “Dead End Road” – a track which gives a great “overview” of The Foreign Resort music. Strong guitar line, a bit screeching vocal (in a good way!), catchy melody. The song goes smoothly through your ears.

As the whole “New Frontiers” album does.

With speeding up (“Flushed”, “New Frontiers”, “Dark White”) and slowing down (“Quiet Again”, “Dead Leaves”) moments, the record shows the variety of possibilites that a music based on the guitar sound and drum rolls gives. You don’t need all the electronic crap ;) to make a song which catches the attention and is mysterious too. You need a good idea tho. The Foreign Resort surely have such idea.

“New Frontiers” confirms my theory, that these guys are Danish by blood, but English by the sound. If you are a fan of U2, maybe you’ll feel the vibe of “Where The Streets Have No Name” in “Dead Leaves” guitar line or in “Quiet Alone”. 

With “New Frontiers” The Foreign Resort delivered a well-thought, complete album. What’s important – despite of the association to different bands that you’ve heard before – they managed to keep their own sound on the top of everything. There is a piece of uniqueness in every song and this is what makes “New Frontiers” so brilliant.

The album will grab you and carry you away to the land of music that remembers about its roots but looks boldly into the future. Go and discover it!

Listen to / buy “New Frontiers” on BandCamp:

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