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Electro-soul duo. Or soul-electro duo. That’s how they describe themselfs. And they are two people. She and he. QUADRON.
Soothing, pleasant, swaying, balsamic, divinely sweet sounds of Copenhagen.

Quadron is a child that’s been made by Coco and Robin. Both were part of the soul collective “Boom Clap Bachelors” who in early 2008 secured much respect and success with their debut “Kort Før Dine Læber”. Here they began their collaboration, and Robin fell for Coco’s beautiful voice and ability to improvise with playful ease” (source)

Nothing more, nothing less. This duo has everything to sound phenomenal. Soul in a lovely version. Their debut album, titled simply “Quadron” comes from 2009.

11 compositions in English plus one song sung in Danish – and everything so well matched and balanced. Sounds dressing the music in flowing shapes so perfectly, that you lose the sense of time and stress … what stress? There’s only the desire to enjoy the sounds from Coco and Robin.

Joyful, natural “Pressure”, unpretentious “Slippin” (with beautiful saxophone in the background) or slow, calm “Day” show craftsmanship and class of Quadron.

The singel “Slippin'” is available as a free download here.The video to the song is very interesting and pretty funny as well.

Here’s how Robin from Quadron see the song: “the song is about finding what you believe in, and what your heart beats for. No matter if that is working in a supermarket, or as a rocket scientist. Heavily inspired by Charles Stepney string arrangements, the beat is a take on a modern version of a syncopated African rhythm.” (the description under the YT video).

On the album there are references to R’n’B’ or soul from USA – – “Jeans” or “Horse”. But Quadron is „floating in the air” different than Americans. More European, more unique.

Quadron’s stated goal with the debut is to give the soul scene a vitamin boost and provide an alternative to the american R’n’B that is dominating the charts. They call their music electronic soul, mixing the sound of hand-played instruments with the benefits of today’s computer-related techniques.” (source)

In my opinion – mission accomplished! The alternative to classic American R’n’B’climates for instance crushing
“Far cry”. My favorite song is a bit soft, dreamy “Average Fruit” with beautiful violin line and the Danish cover “Herfra hvor vi står“.

Quadron’s music is soul which should be nice not only for soul fans. Trudly wonderful Coco’ vocal (she’s 21, but she’s already a „veteran” of Danish music sceane – check out here). Violin, saxophone, subtele electronic elements. Perfect sound balance. Quadron. And you can just fly away…

The debut album “Quadron” on iTunes
The debut album “Quadron” on Amazon



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