And You’re Off
(translation by Arletta Przynoga) 
And Youre Off
Five men. Five songs on one EP. Five stars plus the bonus award for style and keep the music in a bitter-sweet climate. You can’t disconnect when And You’re Off are playing their music.

There’s five of them: Kim Sander, Bjørn Løvefod, Kristian Mouridsen, Næstved Mark Nielsen and Teis V.K. Nielsen. They began making music together relatively recently, in 2009. It is therefore an opportunity to watch and eavesdrop on a musical career of another Danish diamond practically since the beginning of it.

And You’re Off combine rock influences with delicate electronics. Their EP “Inside This Building” (which can be fully legally downloaded from band’s bandcapm webside) contains five compositions. 

Gentlemen from And You’re Off invite us on a trip through Copenhagen in the company of tunes similar to Pearl Jam, along with sounds straight from Bloc Party. Sounds a little unbelievable? Still works in 100%.

It begins pretty “hard” and with rock “claw“. “This Is The City” is like hitting the hard pavement and hooking for it’s inequality.

And Youre Off - Inside This Building

“Rescue me, rescue me, rescue me”  – this is a cry for help in raising after the fall. But it is not intrusive, nor desperate. Rather strong and intense in his own peculiar way.

“A chance in the night” – this song discovers (perhaps the most) And You’re Off’s fascination with Bloc Party music.  Strong song with a dose of a nice piece of electronics. The titled “Inside This Building” is a full of darkness and strange undefined power moment of breath after the musical walk.

At the end we can listen to the electrifying
“(Please) Go to rest”, which indicates that it wasn’t the last time when we went for a music walk with And You’re Off, but after listening to 4 tracks from the EPs we need to relax a bit. The song gives us energy for the next time.Five compact composition. Five intense songs, which can’t be easily forgotten. Five songs, in which each of the instruments (and vocals) is getting the highest mark. I hope And You’re Off soon will have their five minutes, not only in Denmark but also abroad. We will certainly look on their music career.”Few new songs (which can be download for free) is available  on band’s SoundCloud profile.

And You’ re Off’s official webside
Soundclouda there “Mixtape For Joana” and a bunch of new songs from And You’re Off – you can download the “Inside This Building” EP for free

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