You say Denmark and all is clear. It’s the country of LEGO, Smørrebrød and the Little Mermaid. That’s true. But there’s a lot more interesting things happening in and coming from Denmark!

Music for example. An incredible amount of brilliant artists and bands. If you like discovering new sounds, you’ll find info about a bunch of great Danish musicians here.

Good because Danish is an international, non-profit blog dedicated to Danish music with several contributors from all over the world and a readership mostly coming from Poland, Denmark and Germany, but that also reaches out over European borders to countries like Australia or Mexico.

The blog originally started out as the English version of the Polish website Dobre, bo duńskie. The purpose of this initiative was from the beginning to gather information about different Danish musicians and spread the word about great bands from this wonderful country.

The English-speaking blog still works close together with the “mother”- or by now rather “sister”-blog, Dobre, bo duńskie. While this blog’s focus is on general music tips, reviews and Danish acts, chosen concerts and festivals in Poland, Good because Danish covers mainly the same topics but its focus lies more onto international news and mostly on events happening in Denmark itself, to make the content available for a broader audience.

The name – Good because Danish refers to a Polish quality label for products. In Poland this kind of quality award is given to different Polish products on the market – “Good because Polish”. When you buy products with this quality mark, you know that you support the best Polish companies.

We try to support the best Danish bands and artists, that’s why the website is called “Good because Danish”. By the way, we know very well that not everything is good just because it’s Danish – we choose from much more music than what we can present on the blog… seriously! :)

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Our small team of music lovers runs Good because Danish with one goal: to share songs and stories that spark emotions. We believe that music is the great equalizer: it’s for everyone. Therefore, we keep our content free. There’s no ads, no clickbait, no sponsored posts. Every article was written out of pure love. If you like what we do, please support us via a PayPal or Patreon.

You will help us cover website maintenance, software, equipment, and travelling to events. In return, we will continue to set an example of unbiased music journalism. More info HERE