ARLETTA PRZYNOGA: The founder of Good because Danish, a lover of good music and Denmark (of course). When she heard “Trouble Is” by Turboweekend for the first time, she was sold. The passion made her create this project, to spread the word about great Danish music.


Managing editor
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Contact: arletta[@]goodbecausedanish.com


MARIE OLEINIK: Marie is a political journalist by day, music journalist by night. She fell in love with Danish music after Eurovision 2011 and A Friend in London’s “New Tomorrow”. Nowadays you can spot her in a concert’s front row as a photographer but, above all, a fan. Marie enjoys daydreaming on Godsbanen’s slanted roof, listening to The Minds of 99, Carl Emil Petersen and Virgin Suicide.


Copenhagen, Denmark / Moscow, Russia
Contact: marie[@]goodbecausedanish.com

MIRJAM BÄR: Running around trying to colour the world. Having studied cultural and urban discourses, worked for magazines and theatres, she’s always on the hunt for the next adventure. When she started working for a record label, she was introduced to many amazing Danish artists and from then on she was hooked – with especially Blaue Blume very close to her heart. Aside from writing, she enjoys concerts, vegan cooking and making some music herself.


 Hamburg, Germany
Contact: mirjam[@]goodbecausedanish.com

SIMONE MITTERER: Having always had a great passion for whole Scandinavia and having travelled around Finland and Sweden a lot, she was sold to Denmark when she heard Turboweekend play on an unexpected gig in Stockholm in 2011. Ever since, she has been amazed by Danish culture, Danish “hygge” and not to forget by its fabulous music. Since then she goes back to Copenhagen whenever there is a chance.


Munich, Germany
Contact: simone[@]goodbecausedanish.com

IRINA COREACHINA: As a fan of everything German, Irina naturally got excited about a Danish band with a German city in their name. Since then Danish music has been an integral part of her playlist. After she moved to Denmark, its many concerts and venues helped her feel right at home. Oftentimes she can be found at Hotel Cecil, sipping their signature “Copenhagen” cocktail.


Copenhagen, Denmark / Chisinau, Moldova
Contact: irina[@]goodbecausedanish.com

JOHAN RIIS: Born and raised in Copenhagen, Johan was always connected to the Danish music. As a student of musicology at the University of Copenhagen and a performing musician, music is pretty much his everyday life. In his early days, he spent his free time attending underground concerts supporting small local Danish bands in every way he could and now tries to spread the word about how awesome the Danish music can be.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Contact: johan[@]goodbecausedanish.com

MADS BOLDING: A musician and linguist living in Copenhagen. When not performing and recording with different bands and artists, he tinkers with writing and producing songs of his own with the many great singers and players that have crossed his path over the years. Mads’ musical craft may sway decidedly old school, but regardless of genre, his ears remain wide open to new songs and soundscapes. Of particular interest is the interaction between music and lyrics, and how artists create meaning from how they complement one another – or don’t.


Copenhagen, Denmark
Contact: mads[@]goodbecausedanish.com

PAWEŁ SEGA: Music enthusiast trapped in the analytical mind of a scientist. Couldn’t be nicer. Every free-time tries to join music and artistic vibes to his pragmatic daily life. A few years ago he was blown away after listening Rangleklods for the first time. Danish music posses some extreme features that light me up. He finds me while discovering music gems, travelling and sharing positive energy with people.


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