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Where Did Nora Go delights us with her unique blend of ethereal art-pop, classic and ambient electronic sounds, layers of cello, vocals, synths and piano. On her fifth EP “Undivided”, she passes on a message of hope for the better in this uncertain time.

Astrid Nora creates music under the moniker Where Did Nora Go. Despite her specific style, she always takes new paths in artistic creation. You never really know where Nora went this time. On “Undivided”, we can hear an artist full of hope, but also aware of how fragile things are. How we can destroy happiness and peace in a blink of an eye. At the end of the day, she decides to look at the bigger picture.

“In the midst of the suddenly very surreal and insane situation that lockdown was, with all the despair and uncertainty over what might come, where would it all end, this calm came to me, this incredible confidence that insisted that this whole transformative experience would lead us to a better place,” says Astrid Nora about the EP.

Whenever I turn on “Undivided”, I have a feeling of walking into a deep, calm forest by the beach. I slowly come to the edge, and an endless sea appears in between the trees. Where Did Nora Go is great at creating an instant feeling of calmness and security. Vangelis’ “Chariots of Fire” soundtrack comes to mind while listening to the title track, and the whole EP sounds grand and sublime. At the same time, Where Did Nora Go builds an intimate world with her songs. Listening to “Undivided” is like entering a secret space that’s only mine and hers.

“Undivided” is an opening to a fairytale. “Returning” and “It Will Come In Time” are soundtracks to the journey where Where Did Nora Go is our guide. “Rising Sea of Love” turns the fairytale into a legend, with monsters and challenges emerging from the shadows. “Love, My Love” brings closure, where the tale is done, sacrifices made, bravery and good heart rewarded. Where Did Nora Go leaves us to our thoughts.

“Undivided” is a complex EP, each song has layers that unwind, and every listen brings out something new. Where Did Nora Go mixes classical instruments with artificial, electronic elements in a delicate way. She dives into production together with Aske Bode, with an open mind and the courage to try out something new.

It’s heartwarming that despite the madness and cruelty of the world, we can always turn to music. We can always enter a magical, mystical and hopeful world of artists like Where Did Nora Go and let go of worries for a moment. “Undivided” offers a different perspective. If you’re in doubt about the world, listen to this EP. You should feel more hopeful in the end. We can always change and transform into a better version of ourselves, thus transforming the world into a better place. All we need to do is try.

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