We don’t like putting artists in genre boxes, but if we had to do so with MALU, I’d say her music is acoustic R&B. On her debut EP “Evergreen”, MALU opens a door into a surprisingly organic musical universe, only slightly sprinkled with groovy beats and laid-back melodies.

Danish-Corsican artist Marie Louise released her debut EP as MALU, and it sounds like a piece of music by a well matured and established musician.

“There are songs about making your boyfriend jealous on purpose, being in doubt about who you are, losing and regaining hope, and, finally, understanding that it’s all part of the process,” says Marie-Louise about the EP.

“Evergreen” is deeply grounded. In each song, starting from the intro “Bloom”, MALU is connected to Earth and takes inspiration from the sounds of nature. Melodies on the EP are clever, intriguing and surprising. Nothing about MALU’s arrangements is basic. Six tracks take the listener on a journey through everchanging emotions and different situations. We “Bloom” with MALU, go through a rollercoaster of feeling unbeaten, calm, jealous, disappointed — to remind ourselves in the end that we are “Still Breathing”.

MALU guides us through all her identity crises, heartaches, victories and falls, with grace and empowerment. Her voice is like your favourite mug. It has some scratches, some imperfections, but you always reach out for it when making a morning coffee. The vocals on “Evergreen”, combined with casual melodies, create a laid-back, relaxed mood, no matter if the songs tackle joyful or rather painful topics. Everything that MALU sings about, she seems to approach from a perspective, analysing from afar after some time had passed. She shows us how to evaluate events in our lives, how to take take a few steps back and examine our feelings from a different angle.

MALU’s music is a great option for a  first dive into R&B. She will be gentle and make you discover the beauty and nuances of a very complex genre.

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