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The duo Johan Ask and Camilla Pape, previously known Eugenia, resurfaced in 2021 under a new name: OS TO. The change of marked a new style of music, too; OS TO is new noir pop with Danish lyrics. It can be dark at times, but also accessible and relatable.

On the first day of 2022, we are happy to premiere a live session of OS TO’s single “Lyse Morgen” (eng. bright morning). As we enter the new year, we look for hope, a clean slate. “Lyse Morgen” is exactly about that, about the sun coming out every morning to brighten a new day, which is a little new beginning to each of us, no matter how dark the night was.

There is something familiar and soothing in the guitar and drums, how they gently create the atmosphere of the song. They sound like dewdrops sliding down blades of grass, like a breath of fresh air coming in through a cracked window. Camilla Pepe’s vocals lean on the melody in a comforting way, as the choir joins her in a harmonious whisper. “Lyse Morgen” paints a picture of the first rays of sunshine stroking the hair of mist in the morning, breaking through the night with innocence and joy. There are many expectations, there is excitement, yet most of all, there is hope for a better time glowing through “Lyse Morgen”. The live session brings out the grace of the song and gives it a dignified twist.

OS TO share a lovely message along with the live session video:

“For us, New Year’s Eve is very symbolically important. In these times even more so. New Year’s Eve is about celebrating, but to us, the 1. January, New Year’s Day, is about hope. And sometimes, on this first day of the year, you will be hurting. Maybe you feel a breath of fear, fear of repeating mistakes and patterns, that are not good for you. But the hope still shines through. Because you do start to shake off the hangover and you really start to look forward to the new, the unknown, the possibilities and the light and summer that WILL come again. We hope you will enjoy this live session we did with a lovely band of cool guys and some very lovely videographers too. Full of hope through our pain: We wish you the best 2022!”

At Good because Danish, we also wish you a lot of hope and a bright morning to come and shine through the darkness every day in 2022!

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