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As the windy and cold autumn is upon us, I cannot be the only one who wishes to get a little bit of summer before we enter the dark winter months. As I wish for that, Oliver Lübbert releases his new single “Frie Fugle (eng. Free Birds) that pinches my cheeks with warmth to get the last colour I have left in my body out of me. “Frie Fugle” is about being free bird-like individuals, not compromised by any limitations, living in the moment with a loved one in the beautiful area of Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

It is a classic singer-songwriter/synth-pop track consisting of an acoustic guitar, some shakers, kick and snare drum, and a mellow lead vocal. The saying “less is more” is a valuable element in “Frie Fugle” as the track is reasonably straightforward with no sudden breaks and wild instrumental build-ups. Its dynamic is upbeat, happy and constant. Supported by the amazing work in the harmonic voices, it supplies the listener with hope and sunlight. And as a huge fan of simplicity, I really dig this way of making music. If you know what you are doing with the music, as Oliver Lübbert clearly does, less really is more.

As I listen to “Frie Fugle”, it takes me back to the summer when I graduated high school. In Denmark, we get our graduation caps, and then we ride in open-backed trucks blaring with horns and music, while we celebrate the end of high school with all of our classmates. It was such an amazing and exciting time while we were driving towards the sunset on a hot summer day all together in that truck. The future was ahead of us like an open book, filled with blank pages that only we, the authors, knew how to finish.

Every time I listen to this song, the image of my friends and me in that truck pops up in my mind. It reminds me of probably one of the best moments of my life. So, if you are like me, already tired of the dark and cold weather, take a good listen to “Frie Fugle”. Suddenly your everyday life may not feel so dark and cold anymore.

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