After the release of singles “Grief”, “Never There” and “Across The Universe”, Liva Mo delivers even more intoxicating, spirited music on her debut album “CURA”.

With the first sounds, I instantly felt moved to another dimension. Liva Mo becomes a modern time bard, a musical narrator of long lost folk tales. Through her songs, she tells us stories full of mystery and magic. If feels as if “CURA” was an old book discovered in a dusted corner of the library. You start reading it, and from the very first page, you are teleported into a different world. It’s described so well that you can almost feel the warmth of the fire, touch the soft grass beneath you. Songs on “CURA” make me think of nature, the special relationship between fauna and flora, as well as the connection between them and humans. 

I listen to Liva Mo’s fables on the debut album with the growing belief that this woman is a living fairy. She paints the vision of a remarkable world with sounds and lyrics, becoming the musical counterpart to J.R.R. Tolkien. The atmosphere on “CURA” made me revisit Tolkien’s books; I dived into them with the same pleasure I dive into Liva Mo’s debut album time after time. The way she creates music makes it so visual, which sounds contradictory, yet somehow, songs on “CURA” make me feel as if I could almost touch them. It is indeed extraordinary to experience music that is so perceptible. 

Liva Mo’s vocals sound like a scream and a whisper at the same time. They mildly make their way through your ears, straight to your heart. Not often I experience such a connection with the songs. The hint of magic in Liva Mo’s music made it happen instantly. There is something that made me think of Tori Amos. Such confidence in the idea and strength to deliver it only happen when an artist is fully aware of each step of the creative process.

Piano-based melodies echoing Agnes Obel, as well as those wrapped around a guitar core, enfold Liva Mo’s voice caringly. The melodies on “CURA” are slightly mysterious, a tad melancholic, but most of all they are galvanic. You can come back to a song which seems to be straightforward in a way it’s built, but each time you fall deeper and deeper into it. Liva Mo creates music that is pure fairytale dust.

Let her sprinkle some of it on you, and accompany her to her version of the Neverland. 

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