Søren Manscher‘s EP “Ø” is a lovely gem focusing on loneliness, but that doesn’t mean it is a sad release. The four tracks on the EP bring out different kinds of emotions, with music changing the mood slowly, as dusk turns into night and night into dawn. Søren Manscher is one of the artists close to our hearts at Good because Danish. His debut solo album “Det er balancerne der holder sammen på det hele” is still one of our favourites.

On the new EP, Søren continues to explore the different ways of storytelling in his native language. Musically, the EP differs from the previous album, yet manages to keep the artist’s signature style. There is a hint of melancholy, but also a lot of calmness and good vibes. If you enjoy walking by yourself around an empty city at dusk, with intriguing music in your headphones, “Ø” EP is a perfect soundtrack. There is something in these songs that makes the experience very different when you take the EP out for a walk.

“Ø” is also a great EP to listen to if you need to separate yourself from the outside world for a while. Diving into the four songs over and over again makes you discover new tones and shades of each one. They change slightly with each listen, as the feeling of loneliness changes, as the night sky changes, as the echoes of the night change.

The lyrics on the EP are in Danish, but may this not discourage you if you don’t speak the language. I think it makes it even more interesting to listen to “Ø” without fully understanding of the lyrics, only focusing on the music and emotions.

We had a chat with Søren Manscher about what loneliness is to him, and what the EP is about. We discussed writing lyrics in Danish, as well as the short movie that comes together with the EP.

Listen to the interview and get familiar with Søren Manscher’s EP “Ø”.

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