Go Go Berlin’s new single I Never Meant To” reminds the listener about inner monologues we all have in an attempt to be honest with ourselves. Relatable, isn’t it? Releasing a new song in just over a year after their long-awaited third album “The Ocean”, the band kept their promise not to make us wait another four years for new music.

“I Never Meant To” is another step towards the new sound of Go Go Berlin. We can hear electronic pop elements adding charming danceability to the song, which we first met on “The Ocean” LP. At the same time, the band stays true to their rock roots. “‘I Never Meant To’ shows really well what [future sound] will be like. It encapsulates everything new,” says lead singer Christian Vium.

The song is full of contrast in the sound but also in the lyrics. Its actual meaning is hard to define. We can hear a note of regret, apology, contemplation; but the narrator himself has yet to decide on his intentions. “I never meant to hurt you […] But maybe I meant to,” he ponders in the chorus.

The news from Go Go Berlin aren’t limited to “I Never Meant To”. At their Bremen Theatre concerts, the band played another new song “Welcome to the Hills”. It will also be featured on the upcoming 5-track EP Lyfe” due in November. Hopefully, it won’t be long until we see Go Go Berlin live again, as the band have hinted at some shows in spring 2021.


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