Go Go Berlin at the Bremen Theatre - 10.10.2020

photo by Irina Coreachina

Exactly a year ago we went to Berlin to see Go Go Berlin on their “The Ocean” release tour. The band has a niche in the German indie scene, and it was truly enjoyable to see them play in the neighbouring country for a cheering audience. “Next year we will attend at least one Go Go Berlin gig in Germany again,” we made a note in our 2020 to-do list. As the year turned inside out, our ambitious travel plans brought us to Bremen, ironically located in the heart of Copenhagen.

Two back-to-back shows on the same day — that was the bittersweet alternative to the two long-awaited evenings at my beloved Hotel Cecil. Even though the Bremen Theatre is not exactly the right venue for badass concerts — you have to mute your inner voice protesting against bringing a glass of beer into the carpeted hall — it was probably a suitable substitute in current circumstances. With 350 seats put up for sale at half of the normal capacity, the spacious parterre offered enough space for everyone at the nearly sold-out events with respect to social distancing rules.

Go Go Berlin are the band you just have to see live. It has it all. A bit of “New Gold” era loud-rock drive with “Gimme Your” and “Raise Your Head”; “The Ocean’s danceability supplemented by relatable lyrics, splendid guitar and drum solos, touching performance of “Castles Made of Sand” and “Stay”. The goosebumps alone when frontman Christian Vium deeply whispers, “Please, won’t you love me?” pay you back a hundredfold of the price of an entry ticket.

It might seem that a 12-track setlist is too short for a headline concert. But the absolutely different arrangement of some songs, and powerful energy which you will never get from the studio recordings compensate for the relatively small number of songs.

In the absence of live shows, the Aarhus-based collective has been impressively productive and promises new music soon. In a way to back up this promise, Go Go Berlin surprised us with an unreleased song at the Bremen concerts. Another new single “I Never Meant To” will come out on 16. October.

P.S. I love theatre. There is one very special moment at the end of a successful performance. Actors come out for the final bow, and the audience stands up to express their gratitude with applause. These emotions and energy are just priceless. Standing ovations after both Go Go Berlin shows at the Bremen Theatre made me notice this unexpected advantage of sitting concerts. Otherwise, we might have never known how loving and thankful the usually reserved Danish public can be.

photos by Irina Coreachina

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