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Fair warning: this song is an ear-worm. Gemini Inc. released a captivating single Adam, and I have been intoxicated with it for a good couple of days.

If you look for artists who are hard to label, this duo is a perfect example.

“Gemini Inc. is a brand new musical and artistic 2-in-1 project, consisting of a musical duo writing, producing and releasing their own music and an artistic community using this music to branch out and produce different products together with young artists and enthusiasts within dancing, filmmaking, painting, acting and more,” say Gemini Inc. about themselves.

“We try and gather different people in a collaborative process in which they are given a lot of creative freedom and where they can use the individual skills each person brings to table. All of this is with the goal of ending up with a product that’s mutually beneficial for everyone. As an example, our 4-music-video-series where the remaining 3 videos is are to come out with the final album, is a collaboration between the band Gemini Inc., young filmmaker Michael Tvermoes, actor and writer Louise Aaen, and directors Andrea Bruun Jensen and Anne-Sofie Uth,” the duo further explains.

“Adam” is the first preview of Gemini Inc. and a very intriguing one. It is rich with echoes of post-rock, a strong bass line, acoustic guitar, almost isolated drum interludes and heavenly smooth vocals. When I started listening to the song, I assumed that such a complex combination of sounds would create immense chaos and noise. Surprisingly, Gemini Inc. present a master level of building a delicate, complex structure out of sonic layers. “Adam” is a musical house of cards, built with great skill and precision. Presumably non-mixable ingredients are combined into a track that surprises, captivates and delights the listener.

“Adam” is also interesting lyrically. As you might guess, the lyrics refer to the Bible and the story of the first man in paradise. Though the theme is old as time, the band has managed to put their creative spin on it. It is neither a simple reconstruction of the story, nor a basic lesson to be taken from it. Gemini Inc. sharply use the symbol of Adam to wonder about the human nature.

As a debut song, “Adam” sets the bar high for Gemini Inc. No matter what their future releases bring, this one will be a bright jewel in the crown of the band’s artistic endeavours.

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