Their music is bold, dreamy, complex and uplifting. Influenced by the sounds of Danish artists such as Mew and When Saints Go Machine, Aick create music that represents youth, confusion and stubbornness.

That was what I knew about this band before listening to their debut EP “Demos” for the first time. And I agree! The Copenhagen-based duo released the EP this July, putting the single “Never” upfront, which almost seems like a power move to me.

The song starts off as a dreamy, lo-fi ‘90s soul song, not unlike those of Liss. But within the first verse, Aick start messing with the listener. Lazy and pitchy vocal dubs, glitchy drum patterns dominate the first parts of “Never”, but it ends up as a grandiose dream pop banger before sending the listener off with a tasteful piano piece. The radical changes of its parts are washed away by the stringent pop nature of the songwriting. Brave choice.

The following are much more traditional pop songs. I really like the songwriting on the last three: “Lately”, “Keep It Together” and “Seasons Change”. Huge, laid-back dreamy songs, demanding to be played on big speakers in big venues.

The undisputed biggest pop banger on the “Demos” EP is the song “12”. It reminds me of festivals in the summer. I can see myself walking around, listening to bits of different acts through the noise of people walking in every direction, and being drawn by the melody in the chorus. It is compact, like on mainstream radio, but Aick never abandon their sonic identity.

The synth sphere running through the EP puts you in a tranquil state of mind. Lush pads act like a carpet in a room, warming it up and helping you lower your guard. It feels nice and comfortable to be carried through the EP’s 22 minutes. Had it been longer, I would probably get bored by the end. However, the short runtime makes it a nice red thread throughout.

I am looking forward to seeing what Aick do from now on.

Review by Lauge Holst Dalsgaard


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