Palace Winter – Top of the Hill (feat. Lowly)

artwork by Andreas Korsgaard Rasmussen

We introduced you to the Danish-Australian dream-folk/kraut-rock duo Palace Winter back in 2016 at Roskilde (oh, the festival longing…). Their last album “Nowadays soundtracked our 2018 and served as perfect music for summer wanderlust.

The release of “Top of the Hill”, Palace Winter’s collaboration with a Danish electronic outfit Lowly, made us so excited for the forthcoming album. But let us start from the beginning, shall we?

Lead singer Carl Coleman spent his last winter in Tenerife, fleeing the dark, cold Danish winter. Totally understandable. Back home in Copenhagen, producer Casper Hesselager was doing his synth magic and started recording pieces of music.

“Caspar was sending me these synth hooks and drum loops from Denmark, so I started coming up with melodies and lyrical ideas to record into my phone,” says Coleman.

After a while of sending files back and forth, the two were ready with this summer hit:

Radiant vocals added onto this flowy track belong Soffie Viemose of Lowly. And Palace Winter did not stop there with the teamwork. 

Starring the graceful Carla Viola Thurøe, a dreamy retro music video supports this release. You see Carla wandering through the parks of Copenhagen, smoking on the windowsill, basking in the sun. This vibe feels like Jungle and Lana Del Rey had a baby and called it Palace Winter. It has the summertime, it has the sadness. Of course, the lyrics also feature a romanticised mention of drugs — “living on top of the hill/ living on dust and pills”. It portrays the light feeling of “nothing really matters at all” and the enjoyment of peaceful solitude. 

Being quite new to this band, I will probably listen to them for the rest of the summer. On 23. October, Palace Winter will release their third album “… Keep Dreaming, Buddy” which I’m sure will make rainy autumn feel a lot more picturesque and cinematic. And, after we have survived the next dark, cold winter, Palace Winter will pick us up for their 2021 tour, stopping in Denmark and the UK.