Recently, I had a sleepless night. So I turned on one of the records I come back to in such moments. While listening to it, it hit me. Dear music, how grateful I am to have you in my life! You are a marvel!

Did you ever stop and wonder about the miracle of music?

There are billions of people in the world and only a limited, yet vast, number of sounds. But every day, every hour an artist or a band comes out with a new song. The new song is unique, one of a kind combination of notes, tunes, beats, and words put into lyrics. Time goes by and we still get more new songs, which are like no other. How mindblowing is that?!

Did you ever wonder about the origins of music?

How did music even start? Who made the first sound that was considered a melody? Perhaps, it wasn’t a human being at all. What was the first instrument? We can learn about through history and archaeology, but the wonder of music itself, the core of its miraculous creation, will remain hidden to us forever.

That is the true beauty of music—there is always a mystery in it. I think that the true essence of human nature lies in music—each of us is as unique as a song—mind-blowingly beautiful but not entirely discovered.

Why do you like rock music while I prefer electronic sounds? What makes us like one genre or one artist more than others? There is no full answer to this question, even though science and psychology are trying to deliver some. But isn’t it the reason that music is so hypnotising? We feel that music is something precious and yet, we can’t name what exactly makes it so valuable. We can lock it into notes and words, but it always slips away from our recognition and any descriptions.

Appreciate in silence

How amazing is the feeling of listening to a new song or a new album for the first time? You have no idea what’s coming, you might be full of hope, or without any expectations. The first notes of the first song play, and the wave of emotions comes in strong and high as a tsunami. Love, hate, disappointment, or total excitement… The realisation, in some special, rare cases, that this record will stay with you forever. How gorgeous it is to listen to new music for the first time.

But then, with these few special albums, how fulfilling and glorious it feels to come back to them. When you need support, a friend, company in your struggles or joys. Instinctively, you turn to your favourite records then.

Do you still remember how music came into your life? Why do you listen to it? What are your reasons to search for new sounds? Why do you share your discoveries with others? Why do you make music? I hope, every now and then you stop in this madness of life and think about these questions. Not necessarily to find an answer, but just stop and think. In silence. Because music comes out of silence, I believe. And in this gorgeous dance of silence and sound lies the beauty beyond any description.

There is so much to listen to and to discover these days. But I would like to ask you today, right now, to stop. Stand still, in silence, for a few moments. Embrace it. Think of music while being quiet. Really think of it. Then give a listen to your favourite piece. Not some random “feel good”, “work out” or “work in focus” playlist. Listen to a record that truly touched your heart. Listen to it with a newfound joy and respect for the music. And whisper your “thank you, dear music“, as I do every now and then, appreciating the uncountable moments which music made special and memorable.

Two of the albums which make me truly appreciate the miracles of music are Penny Police’s “Be Lucky” and GO BY LUCK’s “misophonia”. What are yours?

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