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The 2020 lockdown has forced artists all over the world to cancel their tours and festival plans. In normal times, Takykardia would have been after their show either at SPOT or Heartland festival. Instead, they use isolation as an opportunity to gear up on new releases. On 22. May the Danish trio dropped the first single “Poor Little Anxious Me” from the upcoming debut album, out in autumn 2020 and produced by Anders Boll (Lowly, Ganger).

Takykardia consists of three young and talented musicians Luna Matz (lead vocalist and songwriter), David Nedergaard (keyboard, synths), and Troels Dankert (drums). Band name hints that we should be aware of our heart’s rate. “Takykardia is all about love in all its different shapes and colours. Referring to the heart with a beautiful evocative word just seemed right,” explains Luna Matz.

The trio combines elements from funky soul, trip-hop, jazz, alternative R’n’B, and dream-pop. Their music is like a creative cocktail with a mix of tastes to feed your flame. You can hear some examples of that on their debut self-titled EP.

“Our genre gives us the freedom to change and evolve all the time. If you are looking for music that inspires us, we could drop names like Jordan Rakei, Hiatus Kaiyote, Poppy Ajudha, Lowly, Connie Constance, The Invisible, Portishead, Kamasi Washington and Robert Glasper. We also get inspired by the nature and its fauna, other art forms, and the sky with its beautiful mesmerising stars. But, in the end, our most important inspiration is each other,” Luna Matz explains Takykardia‘s inspirations.

“Poor Little Anxious Me” is a conceptual song about a broken heart. It states that there is no shame, shyness, doubt. If something happens, it happens. Pop culture feeds us with a misleading impression that falling in love is always positive and uplifting. At the same time, some people tend to self-destruct in response to love. When things are going well, one may fear that something will come along and change that. Constant worrying can ruin your happiness as you get from being in love to just being anxious. Thus, Takykardia sing about making “all your sorrow and doubt disappear” and, through the song, they teach you to accept yourself and not put too much pressure on love.

“I’m not afraid to expose myself, and the lyrics pretty much speak for themselves. They are completely honest and contain a good portion of self-irony. The title is definitely a nod in that direction,” adds Luna Matz.

In my opinion, the song is very accurate for the modern dating culture fuelled by apps like Tinder. While seeking love, we often forget about being happy and comfortable with ourselves first.

Special version of “Poor Little Anxious Me” live from the castle of Egeskov.

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