by Tim Hede Jensen

Being caught in these weird times, a little escape into the dreamy soundscape of the Cherry Blossom Kids is exactly what we need. Their new song “Take Care” touches on social pressure that many young people feel they have to live up to. Next to diving into the guitar- and synth-heavy track, you can enjoy our interview with the band and learn more about the song’s backstory:

Your new single “Take Care” is a sensitive song, dealing with external pressure and societal duties. Would you share a bit more of the story behind the song with us?

Daniel got the idea for the lyrics from talking to friends about being stressed out and fed up with the pressure to succeed early in life. The feeling of having to conform to a perception and competitive definition of success as getting the right education, house, job, family life as fast as possible. This attitude often leaves no room for being vulnerable and creative. However, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, instead of racing the highway as a blind passenger, can give way to unexpected exits and detours.

Having so many different paths and options in our lives is often not only a good thing but causes also inner turmoil. Have there been special moments in your lives as musicians, when you felt these tense moments?

Everyone in the band has dealt with the difficulties of creating a balance between other jobs, music and family. We recently got two new members because our first bass player and keyboardist moved far away. They wanted to be closer to their families, but it was a hard decision to leave the band. But sometimes changes can be a great source of creativity for everyone involved.

Do you feel that the social pressure we are experiencing has been growing over the last years?

Definitely! Social pressure isn’t a new invention, but nowadays it seems that many people feel the need to display their lives as perfect and polished on social media. The last couple of years, this topic has been present in the media, in addition to topics as anxiety amongst young people and the pressure of succeeding in school. However, the growing media attention to this can be a double-edged sword, as a constant reminder might add fuel to the fire.

The same issue is valid for inspiration – a lot of times we are overloaded with external impulses. How do you focus when writing your music?

Usually, when we write new stuff, we isolate ourselves in the studio or in our underground practice bunker to avoid distractions. Luckily, there is no signal underground which means that we are out of reach and forced to talk to one another, haha. We practice every week and it’s important for us to find time in our calendar and only focus on making music together. It’s important to focus on our own music and the music that inspires us, and not be distracted by the constant flow of new artists ever-present in our news feed.

Knowing and feeling what is right or wrong is especially tough in these difficult times we are living in at the moment. How does this affect you as artists?

It’s definitely a weird time but also a time to reflect on our own music and try out new ways of creating. Daniel has been brewing on some new stuff, and we now have time to do whatever feels right for us as a band.

You are a five-piece band – how do you usually cooperate? Do you start with lyrics or melodies or how does it usually go?

We come from different musical backgrounds, which is very cool for the creative process bringing different ideas to the table. We’re not fixated on one particular genre, which often leads to an eclectic sound that incorporates styles from different music eras and genres. Usually, Daniel brings some lyrics, chords and a melody and we arrange it together. Sometimes it happens in the studio together with our producer Jens Moss Thorsen, and sometimes the songs develop from scratch in band practice where everyone brings something to the table, and the ideas develop along the way. These different approaches make the process of making new music fresh and exciting.

With all the limitations the music scene is experiencing right now, do you already have a plan on how to cope with them or any creative ideas on how to solve the distance to your audience?

It’s time to make long-term plans and realize that we don’t know when this crazy situation eases up. Luckily, our concert at “Uniradioen præsenterer” has been rescheduled. We also have a bunch of songs coming out soon, which we are super excited about. It will be tracks that will take you on a wave of retro vibes, romantic longing and a feeling of youthful freedom. We are also planning some live sessions in the nearest future.

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