I don’t know about you, but for me, spring can be a very fragile time. Another year is in full bloom, and it makes me think of the past and what I missed in life. Especially now, in the madness of our world, I feel a little lost, vulnerable and thoughtful. If you feel the same and are in need of soothing music, the new In Memoirs album “Hope, Fear & Fashion” will feel like a warm hug and a nod of understanding you were longing for.

Morten Fillipsen is a Copenhagen-based singer-songwriter who creates dreamy pop compositions telling stories we can all relate to. “Hope, Fear & Fashion” is his second album under the In Memoirs moniker. After a brilliant debut record “Love, Dreams & Sunsets”, which was a collection of songs focusing on the wild times of being in your 20s, filled with emotions and dreams, now we get an album that shows a man in his 30s, whose outlook on life has changed.

Two years ago, Morten was diagnosed with chronic hearing loss and tinnitus, which has had an impact on the album’s theme. “Time is running out if I am to succeed with music. It may sound a little pessimistic, but I’m not 20 years anymore. The album is an acceptance of that,” Morten Fillipsen says, and continues, “when you are young, you have to conquer the world. But as you get older, you discover and become aware that things didn’t quite unfold as you expected. Now other priorities have come to life. And that’s exactly what I wanted to explore with this album.” (press material)

“Hope, Fear & Fashion” contains ten touching songs. Kept in the dreamy pop style, with a pinch of folk and Americana sound, the album is very personal and puts Morten on display fully. He comes out to the listener and uncovers his deepest thoughts, fears, hopes. He stands there and sings about private things, yet you feel as if he is in your head and putting your own deepest thoughts, fears, hopes into words. I believe only a great storyteller and lyricist has a natural ability to do it. Morten Fillipsen is one.

The songs on “Hope, Fear & Fashion” are like little snowflakes—they might seem alike, but once you take a closer listen, each of them is different and unique. With the In Memoirs project, Morten follows his own inner voice, regardless of the current trends. That is what makes his music special—you can hear the honesty and intransigence in every song. There are no fireworks, no overcomplicated arrangements on “Hope, Fear & Fashion”. You don’t need them, as the songs speak through simple, yet not cheesy, sounds and stirring lyrics.

Listening to In Memoirs’ new album feels like engaging in an intimate conversation with Morten. It just might bring tears to your eyes. You might find yourself questioning many things in life. There will be moments of joy and smiling, as well as fear and slight disturbance. All in all, “Hope, Fear & Fashion” is an album telling the story of life. It contains the whole colourful range of emotions we all experience on a daily basis. Knowing that there is someone out there to identify with, someone who, in addition, locks some of the feelings in enchanting songs, gives an enormous amount of comfort.  At least to me.

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